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After two impressive wins over the division rival Cardinals and conference rival the Packers; the Niners fell to the Baltimore Ravens in what felt like a potential Super Bowl matchup. In the 49ers only two losses versus the Seahawks and Ravens, the San Francisco 49ers proved something to the rest of the NFL – they can hang with just about anybody.

That claim certainly showed in yesterday’s 20-17 loss to the Ravens. Arguably the NFL’s best, the Ravens have shown week in and week out they can knock off any opponent. The Flock has demolished some of the NFL’s best, and that list features the Rams, Texans, Seahawks, and Patriots. What stands out about the 49ers loss to them yesterday? It was a three point deficit.

Coming into yesterday’s game, we all knew what the weather conditions were going to be. A dreary atmosphere with continuous a mist of rain, it seemed virtually impossible to throw the ball. However, it wasn’t for Jimmy G and the 49ers offense. The Ravens blitzed Garoppolo virtually every play. As the pressure was enforced on him, Jimmy made some excellent throws in big moments. His 4th and 2 bomb to Deebo Samuel for a touchdown gave the 49ers what they needed to win the ball game.

The run game stood out the most, as Raheem Mostert bolted over the Ravens defense, for 146 yards on 19 carries along with 40 yard touchdown run. People are finally starting to understand that when Mostert gets the football, great things will happen. It was then all on the defense, and it would be for most of the game.

As soon as the Ravens took over on offense, they came out hot. Although the 49ers forced them to punt for the first time in what felt like years, Lamar Jackson did what he does best, running all over the monstrous Niner defense. One thing the Niners couldn’t do was contain Lamar Jackson. Jackson was able to do what he does best, scramble and run around to make big plays. The secondary did their job by limiting Lamar to make big throws across the field. Our pass-rush was certainly there, it was the inconsistency of being able to stop Lamar. The so called “QB” ran for over 100 yards along with a rushing touchdown. This is why the 49ers lost yesterday’s matchup. 

The Ravens did what they do best – running the football down opponents throats. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh didn’t have any answers and that allowed Baltimore to drive down and kick the game-winning field goal. Sure, Shanahan elected to throw the ball on fourth and short when Jimmy could have simply handed the ball off to Mostert who could have easily picked up a first down. The result would end up being a swatted down pass by a Ravens defender. Giving the Ravens a chance to win the game, as they would go on to do.

Jimmy Garoppolo would go on in a presser later to say: “This one hurts, but we’ll bounce back from it.” and he is certainly right. Both games the Niners have lost came on last second kicks. Losses like that show a lot about your football team and how hard they battle. With a ton at stake, the 49ers will look to rally back against the New Orleans Saints (10-2) in a battle for the number one seed in the NFC. The 49ers are clearly still a top team in this league, and will look to prove so in a playoff type game next Sunday.

(Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle)