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Here is the second half of our rankings.

15. Minnesota Timberwolves (MSP)

Timberwolves City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

This jersey has very nice colors and a very simple but great font. The only issue is it is very bland and does not have a lot going on aside from the white MSP logo on the front. This average jersey definitely deserves the number 15 spot.

14. Cleveland Cavaliers (Goodyear)

Cavaliers City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

Many would assume that the Cavaliers would come out with a horrible city jersey as they have never put out a good jersey in their franchise history. Although, it can be safely said that this jersey is very average. The use of the brown, blue, and yellow was not horrible and the font looks solid on this jersey.

13. Charlotte Hornets (Gray CHA)

Hornets City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

The Hornets jersey is very underrated amongst the basketball community. The gray and purple make a great color combination. The detail of putting the honeycomb shapes on the sides of the jersey was done in a very clean manner. This jersey is probably underrated because of how bad the Hornets have been recently. No one cares enough about them to talk highly about their jerseys, but they will certainly get the recognition they deserve on this list.

12. Milwaukee Bucks (Cream City)

Bucks City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

This jersey gives off the vibes of the Atlanta Hawks cream-colored City Jerseys that will be mentioned later in the article. The only difference is that these green, blue, and cream colorways are nowhere near the Hawks level. These colors are fresh enough to put them at 12 on this list but definitely no higher.

11. Denver Nuggets (Retro Skyline)

Nuggets City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

Do not get it twisted, this jersey deserves to be in the top 15. Despite this, it is still extremely overrated by fans and sportswriters. On the old school Nuggets jersey, the light blue brings attention to the rainbow across the middle of it. On this jersey, the dark blue almost drowns out the rainbow and leaves the jersey looking very dry. This is detrimental to Denver’s position on this list as they took a vibrant jersey and turned it dull.

10. Sacramento Kings (Sactown)

Kings City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

The colorway on this jersey is great as the red and white complement each other perfectly. The only reason this is not higher is that it is very bland and houses no letters or graphics under the armholes in the jersey.

9. Los Angeles Clippers (Tattoo Art)

Clippers City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

The Clippers City Jersey is very clean with its use of lettering on the front of the jersey. This font alone carries this jersey into the top ten. It also helps that their classic red, white, and blue colorway is still well represented on it.

8. Los Angeles Lakers (White Letters)

Lakers City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

A Lakers jersey is a classic jersey that has become a staple of any jersey collection. Since the City Edition Jersey is only a slight spin-off of their normal home jersey it is obviously going to at least look decent.

7. Toronto Raptors (Community)

Raptors City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

This jersey comes in at seventh because of the crisp font on the front of the jersey and the black and gold colorway. Many jerseys in the past have been brutal failures in their attempts of using gold but it looks like the Raptors really got it right this time.

6. Dallas Mavericks (Graffiti)

Mavericks City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

When this jersey was released, there were very mixed reactions. Many people either loved it or hated it. It should be seen by all as a terrific concept that houses a blue gradient along with a graffiti Mavericks logo. Many wondered how it would look on the court and it silenced the haters once it was seen.

5. Atlanta Hawks (Peachtree)

Hawks City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

The cream color on this jersey looks great along with the black jersey and its white lettering. The font of the name looks very regal while also being fun and a little out there. This is one of the few teams that got it right when straying away from their normal colors.

4. Brooklyn Nets (Bed-Stuy)

Nets City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

Once again, we have one of these jerseys that are simple but very fresh. The lettering along with the colorful border makes this jersey very stylish and gives the players some on-court swagger.

3. Utah Jazz (Sunset)

Jazz City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

Who doesn’t love to look at the beautiful colors in the sky during a sunset? The Utah Jazz City Edition Jersey is a great mix of these vibrant sunset colors that are very pleasing to the eye. The logo on their alternate home court matches perfectly when they wear their jerseys on it.

2. Chicago Bulls (Chicago Flag)

Bulls City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

In many of these jersey concepts, straying away from the team’s normal colors is a huge risk that generally ends in a horrible product. Although, the baby blue color on this jersey has great contrast with the original Chicago Bulls red. It is simple, clean, and looks stylish when worn on court.

1. Miami Heat (Vice)

Heat City Jersey
Credit: Nike Inc.

The number one spot goes to this beautiful Miami Vice jersey. The South Beach colorway is a cool combination of bright neon colors that mesh perfectly. This jersey also goes along great with the court that they have to match it.