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With no major sports being played, many fans (including myself) have taken deep dives into college recruiting as their entertainment. 

Michigan State has landed some big-time recruits during the pandemic in both basketball and football. A few of those recruits being Pierre Brooks (4 star SG) and Charles Brantley (4 star CB).

But with only one current commit for Tom Izzo and twelve for Mel Tucker it is certain that we will start to see more kids commit as America starts to move on from the pandemic.


Andrel Anthony, 3 star WR: Anthony is mainly torn between Michigan State and Michigan, but Penn State might be able to make a run at him. For right now I would say Michigan State is probably leading, considering that Michigan pulled in a big-time WR in Markus Allen. Plus, Anthony is from East Lansing.

Crystal Ball: Michigan State


Jamari Buddin, 4 star LB: The two schools recruiting Buddin are Penn State and Michigan State, both tough competition. Michigan seems to be out of the mix for bidding after landing two linebacker commits. From what I’m hearing, Buddin is about 50/50 between the two schools, but I think in the end Michigan State lands Buddin in a very close race.

Crystal Ball: Michigan State


Donovan Edwards, 5 star RB:

Edwards would by far be the best commit at MSU if they were to land him. Edwards from what I’m hearing is mainly between Michigan, Michigan State, and Georgia. As of right now I think Michigan leads, but in the end I think Georgia would be the spot where he ends up. Michigan State seems to be making progress with Edwards,but only time will tell. The longer Edwards waits, the better it is for Michigan State.

Crystal Ball: Georgia


Rayshaun Benny, 4 star OT:

Kentucky and Michigan appear to be in the lead for Benny with Michigan State not far behind. If Mel Tucker was able to land Vince Marrow (Kentucky assistant coach) for his staff I think Michigan State would be in the lead by far, but Marrow opted to stay at Kentucky.  I think Michigan has been recruiting Benny really hard as well. Currently Michigan and Kentucky appeared to be tied, but I think Kentucky will land him.

Crystal Ball: Kentucky


Be sure to stay tuned for Part II which will be on the basketball side!

Photo: Kirthmon F. Dozier/Detroit Free Press