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The first half of the season was a bumpy one for the Heat, starting 7-14, they struggled due to COVID-19 and injuries. Nonetheless, they once again pulled through. Led by Jimmy Butler the Heat have climbed to 4th place in the East while sitting 22-21. 

Despite the COVID-19 and injury impacts we have been able to get a semi clear picture of most of the roster. 

With that said here are the Heat’s mid season player grades:

Jimmy Butler: A. Without Jimmy Butler on the court the Heat have seemed lost for most of the season and since recovering from COVID-19 Jimmy Butler has been putting near triple-double numbers and has single-handedly brought the Heat back into the playoff race in the East. 

Bam Adebayo: A-. Bam has taken yet another jump this season by shooting more often and he is doing it efficiently. However the lack of aggressiveness is concerning at times but Bam makes up for that with his defensive skill set. 

Kendrick Nunn: A-. The resurgence of Kendrick Nunn especially in the month of February has been great to see. After battling with COVID during the bubble last year and struggling then and in the beginning of this season Kendrick Nunn has come back to form and is thriving. 

Goran Dragic: B. Like Butler, Miami is simply a better team with Dragic, who provides the Heat with a great offensive boost like Butler, when the team is struggling What is worrisome is injuries at his age and going forward throughout the season and into the playoffs. 

Tyler Herro: B+. Herro has switched from starter to sixth man, and seems to be better when leading the second unit. Too many people had high expectations resulting in his production this season going relatively unnoticed.

Andre Iguodala: B. Iguodala does so much more than what you see on a stat sheet. Pat Riley did not bring him to Miami for his offensive contributions but rather his defensive help which does not seem to decline as he ages.  

Duncan Robinson: B-. With teams now more focused on defending Robinson and taking new approaches to him, it has been harder for Robinson to score as much from three. With this comes the lack of consistency that has occurred this season but despite of it Robinson has still shot well this season. Other areas of his game have improved like cutting and scoring in the paint.

Precious Achiuwa: C+. Once again, consistency is another focus this time with Precious. He often has bad hands and is inconsistent at the rim thus limiting him on the offensive side of the ball. On the other hand one attribute that remains at all times is his hustle. Precious never stops hustling and it can be seen especially on the defensive side of the ball. 

Kelly Olynyk: C. Olynyk is another player who lacks consistency. One night he can be a sharpshooter and the next he can be a brick. Often as the Heat’s starting 4 the performance has just been solid, nothing great.

Avery Bradley: D+. While only playing 10 games due to COVID-19 and injuries, Bradley has been overall disappointing. He has not seemed like himself and is often out of rhythm. Scheduled to come back after All-Star break,  Bradley has not yet played since Early February. Hestill has a chance to redeem himself and convince the Heat to bring him back on the 2021-2022 team option. 

Moe Harkless: F. The Harkless signing simply did not work out for Miami. Hoping to be the Heat’s Jae Crowder’s replacement, Harkless has not produced this season. While being injured he has had his chances early but did not capitalize. 

Meyers Leonard barely played this season and was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder after making an anti-Semitic comment. Chris Silva and Udonis Haslem who both do not play were ungraded.

Overall, the Miami Heat have been disappointing after a magical Finals run last season. However, their recent surge has put them back into the playoffs and they could make another run this offseason.