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I have never had faith in the LA Clippers. Not one bit. Ever since this team was assembled, they have been nothing but disappointments. They had all this hype surrounding them, and have not delivered.

They were supposed to be the best team in LA, and even beat the Lakers to go to the Finals. Well, the Lakers were waiting for them last year in the conference finals, but the Clips could not get it done. The Lakers went on to win the championship. Kawhi Leonard was in his New Balance commercials, talking about ‘a new king in town’.

Well, Kawhi, in order to be the King, you need to unseat the current one, and LeBron James has not been unseated by you. Instead of unseating him, you are getting thrashed by Luka Doncic and getting outplayed by him. Oh, and this team was supposed to be known for their defense with the tandem of Leonard and Paul George. WRONG.

In fact, the Clippers just gave up 127 points to the Mavs. They were supposed to have players that will get in your face, and never flinch in the moment like Marcus Morris and Patrick Beverley. How do they respond? Morris responded with an embarrassing 13 points in two games, and Beverley is the target of every Luka pick and roll. Hey LA Clippers, I got a newsflash for you:


This is supposed to be a championship contender. Instead, you can’t even get to the conference finals? Really? All this talent on this squad and they can’t get past that. I mean, that’s embarrassing. There is no sense of urgency with this squad either. Paul George said after last night’s game “we are not worried”. You better be!

Luka Doncic, and the Mavs are simply beating you up. You are down 0-2 and on the verge of spending your time in Cancun early. I know, it’s almost June and the weather is going to be nice. It would also be nice if the Clippers could start playing some basketball. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George can’t be the only ones with their heads screwed on right. You can’t have all this hype that YOU created, and not live up to it.

The bottom line is this: if the Clippers get bounced in the first round, the team needs to be blown up. This has failed MIGHTILY. The fact that in two seasons they can’t get to the conference finals, at the least, with the roster they have, is embarrassing.

However, they have time to turn it around. The next two games in Dallas will show me if the Clippers can be the team they think they can be. I don’t think they will turn it around, but if they do, I will be surprised. Until then, they will always be the same old Clippers.

Photo Credit: Raahib Singh / The Sports Rush