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High school basketball is quickly climbing its way to the top of the sports media world. 17 and 18-year-old kids are garnering the attention of millions of people, from loads of followers on Instagram to the professional athletes and rappers showing up at games.

With all this being said, these NBA caliber players are nearly impossible to reach, which is why it is extremely fortunate I got a chance to talk to Shawn Harmon, the guardian 2021 of 5 star Aminu Mohammed.

Read below to see what he had to say about Aminu’s recruiting process and how Maryland is involved.

Q1- How did Aminu’s visit to Maryland back in November go?

The visit was great, the coaching staff did a great job showing the overall appeal of the school, and Coach Turgeon did a great job showing his vision for the program moving forward.

Q2- What did he like about Maryland from the visit?

He liked the campus and arena a lot.

Q3- What are Coach Turgeon’s plans for Aminu if he decided to attend Maryland?

He really just talked about the opportunities that would be available to him by being in the area and a part of the program. Nothing in particular from a basketball standpoint other than spotlighting current and previous players in the program and how they have developed and grown as players.

Q4- What schools are recruiting Aminu the hardest?

Indiana, Louisville, Maryland, SMU, Kansas State, and Pittsburgh. The newest schools are Georgia, who has been recruiting very hard lately but has not offered, and Georgetown, who offered today (5/11/20) and Head Coach Patrick Ewing said they will be pursuing him very hard!

Q5- How much is he considering reclassifying and does he have a timeline for a list cut and a commitment date?

To be honest with you his recruitment is just getting started. We’re trying to get to know each school and there are some great programs that have offered and reached out so far. We are not in any hurry likewise he is not waiting for anyone particular school to offer. The main focus is on what will be a good fit for him in terms of his continued development on and off the court.
Last time we talked about doing a list he said he’ll know where he is going and that it’s no list as of right now. No plans to reclassify right now but always keep your options open.

Huge shout-out to Shawn for doing the interview. Aminu’s recruitment is sure to be exciting, so be on the lookout for where the potential future first-round pick goes!