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Week 1: Steelers (L)

Tough game against such a strong defense. This one goes down to the wire, but results in a loss.

Week 2: @Bears (W)

The G-men bounce back after a tough loss in week 1. Saquon blows up for just a glimpse of what the rest of the season holds for him.

Week 3: 49ers (L)

Tough game against one of the top defenses in the league and the former one seed in the NFC. D-line shuts down Barkley and Danny from starting anything up.

Week 4: @Rams (W)

A hard fought game, but certainly winnable. The O-line shows it can protect Jones and a high scoring game results in a Giants victory.

Week 5: @Cowboys (L)

Jason Garret’s intel on the Cowboys doesn’t help us here. It is almost a tradition for the Giants to lose against the Cowboys every season at this point. The defense won’t be able to hold up against the explosive Dallas offense.

Week 6: Redskins (W)

As losing to the Cowboys has became a norm, so has beating the Redskins. Andrew Thomas proves his worth against Chase Young and helps the Giants take this one.

Week 7: @Eagles (L)

An away game win against the Eagles is just too unlikely. High scoring game here as neither defense is able to hold up. The Eagles emerge victorious.

Week 8: Buccaneers (W)

Giants vs. Brady. A classic matchup, but the outcome will always be the same. Giants take down Tom yet again in front of the country on this Monday night game.

Week 9: @Redskins (W)

Once again the Giants are able to defeat the Redskins. Evan Engram has a great game against the weak Redskins’ linebackers.

Week 10: Eagles (L)

In a very close game the Giants fall to the Eagles again. Wentz has a great game, beating the secondary left and right. With this loss, the Giants enter their bye week at a respectable 5-5.

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: @Bengals (W)

Burrow is not able to get in touch with his “Heisman side” here as the Giants completely dominate Cincinnati. The weak Bengals defense is no match for Jones, Barkley, and the rest of the offense.

Week 13: @Seahawks (L)

Away, in the cold, against the Seahawks. Too many factors here from preventing the Giants from coming out on top of this one.

Week 14: Cardinals (W)

The Giants are able to shut down newly acquired receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Saquon and the O-line take care of the rest.

Week 15: Browns (W)

Saquon vs Baker. OBJ vs the Giants. Two great “rivalries” here, but just like the 2018 OROY this one goes to the Giants. Jabril Peppers gets revenge on his former team, helping the Giants take this one.

Week 16: @Ravens (L)

Former MVP Lamar Jackson tears down the Giants’ defense. Absolute blowout here with the offense not getting started up either.

Week 17: Cowboys (L)

In a very important game the Giants lose control once again. After an early lead, Dak leads the offense to victory, ending the regular season.


With these predictions, the Giants record stands at 8-8. This is a very impressive record when compared to their 2019 record of 4-12. There is a chance they will be able to sneak that last wild card position, with the addition of the 7th spot this year.

Photo: Dan Benton/The Giants Wire