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When the Bears traded for Nick Foles, there was a large amount of criticism over the move. Even with a restructured contract, Foles and the Bears received criticism for the “questionable” move.

However, I found the acquisition to be the perfect move that the Bears needed to make. They got a capable, experienced, low risk, veteran QB to push Mitchell Trubisky.

Personally, I think Foles should (and will) easily win this competition.

The argument can be made that Foles is a more consistent, and better QB than Trubisky. He’s ultimately more accurate while taking way more chances downfield than Trubisky. He’s also been a proven winner in the league for at least one NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Foles has had past relationships with many on the Bears coaching staff, and the offense is more capable of its’ complexity with Foles than Trubisky. Even if Foles loses, he’s known for being top backup QB in the league, as we found out with the Eagles.

The biggest question honestly is: Are either Foles or Trubisky the long term answer?

The answer to this question will depend on this season’s play from Foles and/or Trubisky. However, with what we’ve seen in the past from both of them, it’s that neither can be trusted necessarily.

Foles thrives in Philly but hasn’t proven it anywhere else. Trubisky, who the Bears moved up 1 spot for, was also drafted ahead of the likes of Patrick Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson. He has not shown he can consistently perform at that franchise QB level, meanwhile, Mahomes and Watson have. He’s only shown short glimpses of it.

Ultimately, the Bears need that long term answer at QB, but will it have to come from this year’s draft class, with someone like Jordan Love, or next year’s QB draft class.

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