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With the recent rumors of the 2020-21 season starting on December 22, 2020, the NBA will commence the best season in the league’s history.

The 2020 NBA season was terrific. The regular season had some great storylines, the playoffs were extremely competitive, and the finals provided an intriguing matchup that differed from the past years. It once again proved that the NBA is packed with superstars and young talent. But can it get better?

The Eastern Conference could be the most competitive it has been in years with the expected return of players like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and John Wall. It also wouldn’t be surprising if the Bulls, Magic, and Wizards all had playoff aspirations following disappointing seasons. Even teams towards the bottom of the standings have things to be excited for as the Hornets, Bulls, and Cavs will all have picks in the top 5 of the draft.

Somehow, the exceptionally talented Western Conference will be even tougher. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will be coming back from injury with the number two pick to lead the Warriors. There is no doubt that the young players of the West like Zion Williamson, Luka Dončić, Ja Morant, and Michael Porter Jr. will all improve.

This is all without mentioning the LeBron James led Lakers, the Clippers and Bucks both looking for their redemption, the young Celtics and Nuggets, and the Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat. It could be argued that there are 8-10 title contenders next year.

Additionally, the teams are nowhere near finalized. There is still an eventful offseason ahead full of trade rumors and free agency signings. The big-name free agents like Demar DeRozen, Fred VanVleet, and Danilo Gallinari will all have to decide where they want to play next season. Also, stars like Chris Paul, Jrue Holiday, and Victor Oladipo could all be on the trading block.

The amount of talent in the league right now may make this NBA finals nearly impossible to predict. For the last decade, it has been quite obvious to tell who the real contenders were, but the league is in a whole new era. NBA fans will be rewarded with the best season ever.

Photo: SI