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With the 2020 Premier League Season concluding with a bang, here are your 2020 Premier League best 11:

Formation: 4-3-3

Goalkeeper: Nick Pope

You can argue that Ederson (16 clean sheets) should be there over Pope (15 clean sheets), but mind the fact that Burnley has the 9th best defense in the league compared to City with the 3rd best defense in the league based on goals conceded. Pope is also ranked 4th in saves compared to Ederson who is ranked 17th.

Center back: Virgil van Dijk

Is there really any explanation for this selection? Arguably the best defender in the world and is the main piece to Liverpool’s defense.

Center back: Çağlar Söyüncü

This really ended up between Söyüncü or James Tarkowski, but Söyüncü takes the spot. A brilliant breakout season for him as he was a huge piece for Leicester’s surprising run at the top 5 again.

Left-back: Andre Robertson

Like his teammate Van Dijk, he is arguably the best left-back in the world. Another huge piece for Liverpool’s stacked defense

Right-back: Trent Alexander Arnold

Once again, arguably the best right-back in the world. With four goals and 13 assists as a defender, another great season for the Merseyside born.

Midfielder: Kevin De Bruyne

WORLD-CLASS! Easily a top-three player in the world this season behind Messi and Lewandowski. Part of the elite 10/10 club with 13 goals and 20 assists. He’s the best player in the Prem at the moment.

Midfielder: Bruno Fernandes

Call me crazy but hear me out. Yes, he has only played 14 games. Yes, half of his goals (8) are penalties. Yes, he is the best signing of the year. Since he joined, Fernandes was a game-changer for United, helping his team achieve a champions league spot. His presence on the field made a huge difference and without him, United could be in a VERY different spot right now. Eight goals and seven assists in 14 games, what a signing.

Midfielder: Jack Grealish

I just don’t understand the Jordan Henderson hype,  I really don’t. Great captain with important leadership skills, but surely Liverpool could be the great team they are without him? Here’s Jack Grealish. A huge key for Aston Villa’s survival and just like Henderson has the leadership and captaincy his club needs. 8 goals and 6 assists, only 24 years of age. With big clubs like United wanting him, he has a great career ahead of him.

Left-Winger: Sadio Mane

Once again like his teammates, a huge piece to the championship squad. Ending the season with 18 goals and seven assists, he is arguably the best winger in the Prem.

Striker: Jamie Vardy

What a season and what a player. Claiming the golden boot at age 33, the oldest to ever do it, Jamie Vardy is once again showing that he is one of the best strikers in the prem

Right-Wing: Mohamed Salah

This just shows how stacked this Liverpool side is. Almost half of this squad is Liverpool and Mohamed Salah deservingly is in it once again. The one-season wonder is also part of the elite 10/10 club with De Bruyne and Son Heung-Min, bagging in 18 goals while assisting 10.  Once again, like his teammates, arguably the best winger in the prem. I guess its three-season wonder now?