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Over the past few years, James Harden has been one of the most electrifying players in the NBA. However, Harden’s long tenure in Houston may be coming to an end, and for the better.

First off, James Harden is 31 years old, and should be on the decline in the near future. A team like the Rockets are not really contenders, especially considering that they have serious injury and depth concerns. If the Rockets want to capitalize now on Harden worth -which will start to decline in the next few years- this is a perfect time to trade Harden. Within a year or two, depending on the pieces they receive in a trade, the Rockets could really look to push for a title.

Secondly, there are many teams that could be in the James Harden sweepstakes that have lots of assets of interest. Such teams include the Heat, Warriors, Nets, 76ers, and Trail Blazers. Each team has a few players and picks that could be enticing to the Houston front office and could help the Rockets restart.

It is important for the Houston Rockets to find a player or picks they can build around at a time where the Western Conference is incredibly cutthroat. This comes as there is a lot of drama surrounding Harden, with his violations of COVID-19 protocols and aggressiveness towards teammates. If that means that James Harden can no longer be on the team, a well known sentiment at this point in time, then the Rockets should be doing everything in their power to get rid of James Harden.

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