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The Mets have added another superstar after agreeing to a 3 year deal worth $130 million with RHP Max Scherzer. While the Mets are taking a gamble for giving so much money to a 37-year-old, it was still the right move to make. The Mets rotation has gotten a lot better

Scherzer is going to be slotted into the second spot of the rotation behind Jacob deGrom and in front of Taijuan Walker. Carlos Carrasco will likely be the 4th starter, with either David Peterson or Tylor Megill rounding it out.

This rotation has a lot of potential. Megill and Peterson should both take the next step in the right direction throughout the next few years. Walker showed that he could be a great pitcher. deGrom is still the best pitcher in baseball and Scherzer is still one of the best pitchers this game has ever seen. Come October, no team should want to face this rotation. Additionally, with Scherzer now in the mix, the loss of Syndergaard and Stroman does not seem as bad as before and if one goes down there will still be the other. This move gives the rotation some insurance. Jacob deGrom has had multiple injuries throughout his career. The second he went down last year, the Mets had no chance to make the playoffs.

If the Mets were going to go over the luxury tax threshold without Scherzer, then why not add a top 3 pitcher in the game? The main issue people have with this deal is the contract value. $43.33 million is a lot of money for a guy up there in age. But this was 100% the deal to make for the Mets. Scherzer is still a very effective pitcher, last year he went 15-4 with an ERA of 2.46. Adding a veteran who has won a World Series ring along with 3 Cy Young awards is definitely going to help the Mets with their idea of changing the culture around the team. 

In terms of the contract value, last season the luxury tax threshold was $210 million. After the Black Friday frenzy that brought in Starling Marte, Mark Canha, and Eduardo Escobar, the Mets were over $210 million in payroll. If they were already over the limit, then it is not the end of the world adding this contract to the mix.

Scherzer indicated during his introductory press conference that Steve Cohen is willing to do what it takes to win a World Series, this means that Queens may become a  popular free agent destination by putting current/future free agent players under the impression that by joining the Mets they will be a part of a winning culture, as well as the possibility of getting a large contract.

Star pitcher Max Scherzer is a huge addition to an already playoff-caliber team. Although this was a risky signing, the possible positive outcomes far outweigh the negatives.


Photo: Sports Illustrated