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The quarterback position in Chicago has been especially weak since the start of the franchise. At the beginning of the season, QB Mitchell Trubisky looked to be the surefire greatest QB in franchise history, as he leads the franchise in passer rating while having a career of 2500+ passing yards with the club, which speaks volumes in itself.

If you’re a Bears fan, or even an NFL fan, it is no secret that Trubisky’s future in Chicago is in doubt, as the club made the decision to acquire Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles from the Jaguars. Right now, Foles certainly looks like he has the upper hand on the QB competition.

For this season, it’ll be extremely difficult for Trubisky to confidently say he has a future in Chicago. Foles is all too familiar with the coaching staff to not have the upper hand in the long term QB competition, as 2020 will be a reunion with his former QB coach,John DeFilippo, who was also his offensive coordinator in Jacksonville.

He’ll also reunite with Matt Nagy, who was with him in Philadelphia and with him in Kansas City where he was the offensive coordinator. Personally, I see no way Nagy will stick with Trubisky after his first bad game (which will come).

So what happens if the Trubisky era in Chicago falls through? It certainly looks like it will be coming to an end, and what if Foles never returns to his Philadelphia form?

Surely the Bears will have to consider drafting a QB at the very least. The two names that come to mind would be Justin Fields and Sam Howell. Depending on what happens this year, we could be seeing the Bears trying to find their franchise QB during the offseason.

Howell, the true freshman out of North Carolina who arguably had a better season than Fields, who was a sophomore in a much more polished system, could be the next franchise QB in Chicago. Howell is already a much more polished and mature passer than Fields at a younger age, but Fields makes much more space and buys more time for his receivers with his legs.

These two are very good and realistic options for the Bears, as they could go either Howell in 2022 or Fields in 2021 if things don’t pan out with Foles and Trubisky.

Photo credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images