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While unfortunately the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused the NBA to stop its games, there is hope that there will be a return to the court by June. That being said, there are several teams that may benefit greatly from this league-wide stoppage.

Going into the league suspension, the Indiana Pacers are 39-26, and 5th in the Eastern Conference.

While still not at full form, the Pacers recently got Victor Oladipo back from his ruptured right quadricep injury that he suffered last season.

For Oladipo and Malcolm Brogdon (torn quad), this time off provides them with much needed time to heal their injuries. Oladipo will take his role back as starting shooting guard, especially now since Jeremy Lamb is out for the rest of the season.

This break could prove invaluable for the Pacers, who may now be able to make noise in the playoffs with their star player back.

Another team with injury issues, the Los Angeles Clippers, also have a lot to gain.

Even with all of their injuries, especially to key players, the Clippers are 44-20 and 2nd in the Western Conference, behind their rival, the Lakers.

Similarly to the Pacers, players like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George can really use this time to ensure their own health.

And once practices return, the Clippers will get the chance to further their team chemistry with new additions Joakim Noah, Reggie Jackson, and Marcus Morris Sr.

The team that has the most to gain from the hiatus is definitely the Los Angeles Lakers, and specifically LeBron James.

At now 35 years old, LeBron needs to be looking after his health a lot more, especially after his groin injury last season that flared up again this season.

With LeBron resting, this opens up the opportunity for his career to be extended, much to the delight of the Lakers organization and fans.

Anthony Davis could also use this time to continue rehabbing his nagging shoulder injury. Even Kyle Kuzma may start to embrace his role and get out of his slump.

This hiatus has cemented in my mind that the Los Angeles Lakers will win the 2019-2020 NBA Championship.

Photo: Sportscasting