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If everything goes according to plan and the NFL season starts on time, the Cowboys are in for an interesting 2020 season.

The entire coaching staff has been revamped and Kellen Moore, Offensive Coordinator, who’s going into his second year, is the only survivor.

Dallas also just had one of their best drafts in a decade. Witten and Heath, two team leaders both walked and coincidently were signed by the Las Vegas Raiders. Star Cowboys CB Byron Jones also left to play in Maimi with the Dolphins. With that being said, there are some huge shoes to fill.

The top three players with the potential to fill those shoes are:

3. Jourdan Lewis, CB

2019 Stats: 51 TCKLs, 6 PDs, 2 INTs, 4 TFL, 1 FR, 1 TD, 4 SCKs

Jourdan Lewis just came off of his 3rd season and he is yet to reach anywhere near his full potential. With a new coaching staff, contract negotiations coming up, and a strong end to last season, he is bound to have a career year. Kris Richard, former defensive backs coach, preferred taller and lengthier CBs while Jourdan Lewis is only 5’10”. This resulted in him getting limited playing time even though he was a star in his college days at Michigan, winning back to back First-team All-Americans and First-team All-Big 1os.

2. Tony Pollard, RB

2019 Stats: 86 CARs, 455 YDs, 5.3 YPA, 2 TDs, 15 RECs, 107 YDs, 1 TD

Tony Pollard is poised for another high impact year where there are no distractions about playing time. Some can argue he had a breakout rookie year, especially for a back up running back. He’s also in line to get more opportunities now that Jason Garrett is gone and there’s a fresh coaching staff. Garrett was an old school coach resulting in Zeke getting more of the workload unlike new Head Coach Mike McCarthy, who likes to split the reps at running back.

1. Blake Jarwin, TE

2019 Stats: 31 RECs, 365 YDs, 3 TDs, 11.8 YPR

After last year’s failed experiment with Witten’s less than stellar return to the Cowboys, Blake Jarwin now has the starting role. Look for him to continue his impressive 2019 season performance that was stunted by the return of Witten. Jarwin will be more involved than ever after solidifying himself as a reliable go-to option who rarely disappoints.

These 3 players are all apart of the exciting mix that Cowboys and NFL fans alike are likely to be hearing a lot of in the upcoming season.

Photo: Cowboys Wire