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Fans, players and managers always focus on the goal which was scored. Yet, few people watch each player’s celebration after the goal. A player’s celebration shows their passion, and their excitement of scoring a goal.

We saw Ronaldo rip off his t-shirt after scoring a simple penalty in the 2014 UCL final, but it was the meaning and importance the goal had for Ronaldo. It meant another trophy for Ronaldo, and compensation for missing a penalty in 2008 and against Bayern a few years before. Celebrations are also a time for players to give a tribute to their loved ones or send a strong message to the haters.

Based on all this, I have put together a list of the top three iconic goal celebrations this century.

Number 3: “Justice For George Floyd”

Taking into recent events with the death of George Floyd and protests taking place in America, number three on this list goes to a very recent celebration. After Jadon Sancho scored a goal, he took off his jersey and on his undershirt were the words, “Justice for George Floyd”.

Sancho told the press that since the Bundesliga is the one of the few sports leagues open, he had to take the opportunity to spread the word and raise awareness. Sancho called his goal a “bittersweet moment”, and also saying that “we are stronger together”. This celebration will not be forgotten in coming years, due to its resounding message to the world.

Number 2: “SIUUU”

Although everyone relates Ronaldo to his infamous “SIUUUU” celebration, there is another celebration that people vividly remember. The day was April 21, 2012, and it was “El Clasico” at the Camp Nou. Barcelona were regarded as the best team during this period if not all time.

The Messi and Ronaldo rivalry was continuing to heat up, “El Clasico” was always a day of Messi v. Ronaldo. On this day, Ronaldo stood victorious. After being tied 1-1, Ronaldo converted from a lovely Ozil pass. Ronaldo then went over to the Barcelona fans and said a simple message: “Calma, calma, estoy aqui” meaning “calm down, I am here”.

Ronaldo showed Barcelona who the boss was that day. Ronaldo has saved this celebration for only the most special occasions, and performed it four more times against Barcelona. This celebration sums up the historic rivalry between two of Spains’ greatest teams, and between two of the G.O.A.T’s.

Number 1: “I am here.”

The home crowd in England always plays a big part in each team’s victory. The fans are there through the victories and the heartbreaks. Their job is to unconditionally support their team and its players. This was not the case for Emmanuel Adebayor when he moved to Arsenal.

Adebayor and his mom received unnecessary abuse, causing Adebayor to leave the team and join Manchester City. Adebayor got revenge on his former team in 2009, in a game between City and Arsenal. After scoring a strong header, giving City the lead, Adebayor ran the full length of the pitch to where the Arsenal fans were seated, and slid with his arms out, giving them a clear message that “I am here. I am the one who just beat you”. This celebration meant a lot to Adebayor who later told the press about his mind-torturing experience at Arsenal and their fans.

Some celebrations are just a simple fist pump, or a finger point to acknowledge the fans. But these three goals hold much more importance for the player and the team, and they will always be remembered.

Photo: @JueventesFC