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The NY Jets, back at it again, disappointing their fans in the wildest fashions. After the Jets had a sudden revival, led by Sam Darnold’s 3 game streak of excellence, the Jets managed to screw it up. The Jets coming off of a 34-3 blowout win over the hot Oakland Raiders, and a 3 game win streak, showed fans who the Jets really are; a disappointment.

The Jets are so horrific that they joined the history books yesterday. The Jets are the first team ever, in the whole 100 years of the NFL, to lose to 2 teams that were 0-7 or worse at the time – which were a Week 8 loss to the Dolphins (0-7) and a Week 12 loss to the Bengals (0-11).

This NY Jets team, led by Head Coach Adam Gase, finally looked as if they turned it around. The team looked like it was headed in the right direction after a 3 game winning streak. The offense was clicking, the O-Line was playing great, only allowing 5 sacks over the past 3 games; but then they allowed 4 sacks to the Cincinnati Bengals D-Line. The O-Line absolutely killed the team, giving Sam Darnold barely any time, and Le’Veon Bell, New York’s stud RB, no room to run. About Bell, he had 32 yards on 10 carries. This is really a surprise… the Cincinnati Bengals have the worst run defense in the entire National Football League, and Adam Gase only gives Le’Veon Bell 10 carries? That just makes no sense!

My take on this game: Adam Gase and the horrific O-Line killed the NY Jets. The lack of a run game presence was frustrating to watch as a fan. I had high expectations for this game, as I had this marked down as a must win for the NY Jets. However, being a fan for the past 15 years, I knew this was coming. This was not a surprise for lifelong fans at all. The NY Jets are clearly the most confusing and disappointing NFL team – and a bettor’s nightmare.

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