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A leader. A role model. A commander. This is what being a captain entails.

Only the elite can be named a captain. Derek Jeter was gifted with this prestigious title while spending his Hall of Fame career on the New York Yankees. Jeter’s time in baseball, but specifically in New York, was like no other. He was the face of the city. He was the talk of the town. He was the leader of the New York Yankees for over a decade. Bringing five World Series championships to the city, Jeter’s impact was undeniable and left big shoes for future captains to fill.

In 2014, Derek Jeter’s time in baseball came to an end. With this, came new beginnings for the Yankees. General Manager Brian Cashman was forced to find a new leader and a new captain of the team.

Fast forwarding to today, the Yankees have a multitude of impactful players on their roster. From the the offensive to the starting pitching and even in the bullpen, the Yankees are equipped with some may say the most elite roster in all of baseball.

But there is one player that stands tall above the rest; literally and figuratively. Aaron Judge.

Judge, only entering his 5th year with the Yankees has captured the attention of all Yankee fans with his inhumanly power at the plate. Judge and his large 6’7 frame can track down any ball hit his way in right field. The former AL Rookie of the Year brings a trait no other player has since Jeter. It’s his humble and determined personality that is able to touch fans in and out of the stadium on a daily basis.

Some could make the claim that the versatile and young shortstop Gleyber Torres could potentially become captain. Although Torres is a franchise player, Judge has the upper hand. Judge is able to go the extra mile for the city and for the fans. Judge’s ability to pick up his teammates during tough times along with this winning mentality day in and day out solidifies his spot as the next captain on the New York Yankees.

The future certainly looks bright for the New York Yankees when taken under Judge’s wing. I have no doubt he’ll bring plenty of championships back to the city and follow Jeter’s historic footsteps.

Photo Credit: Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports