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Reports are indicating that the Giants are not 100% on the same page on who they are going to take at #11. Reports say Joe Judge desperately wants Devonta Smith, Dave Gettleman really wants Micah Parsons and other people in the organization want Jaycee Horn. Whether this is true or not is anybody’s guess, but while this is a disarray, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

The fact that there are different draft prospects being considered means the team has been doing their homework, and that is something no fan should complain about. This actually can be a very good thing, as chances are at least one of these three guys will be selected before the Giants are on the clock, and having three options opposed to one is always better. The Lions, Bengals, Dolphins and Panthers are all likely to be at least looking for a WR with their respective first round selections, in which case the likelihood of Smith being still on the board at #11 is slim. The Cowboys always seem to take the best player available/guys who fall to them, so Parsons or Horn could be possibilities at #10. Odds are, the Giants are going to have a shot of picking at least one of those guys at #11.

Even if Smith, Parsons, and Horn are all taken in the top 10, the Giants would still be in great position for a player of their liking, as in this situation someone else must’ve fallen, and that could be a player that the front office did not think they would have a chance of taking. There is also a chance that four or five quarterbacks are taken within the top 10, and this would be terrific news for the Giants, as they are not looking to add a new franchise QB this year. If a lot of QB’s are taken early, this leaves more a shot for the Giants to pick up one of their top targets.

Having three options is also a good thing in the case that they trade up/down. If the Giants do make a trade, it is probably going to be down in the order rather than up. But, if they do decide to trade up, that means they will have an amazing chance of circling a name on the top of their draft board. If they trade down a few spots, the Giants can either take the one of the three that are remaining, or take the fourth or fifth guy on their draft board depending on their situation.

The Giants having a disagreement on who is going to be the team’s first selection on Thursday is not something that should be worrisome, but positive, as it gives the G-Men more options if all of the prospects they want are still there.

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