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The most frequently asked question in Ann Arbor since 2020 began: “Dylan McCaffrey or Joe Milton?” That seems to be the million-dollar question that only those closest to the Michigan Football program have a hint on.

This is a situation Michigan hasn’t been in since Wilton Speight and John O’Korn battled for the starting quarterback position back in 2017. For the first time in three years, the Wolverines are not sure who will lead the offense come early September.

Shea Patterson was supposed to be the man who would save Michigan and lead them to the Big Ten Championship game and possibly even a College Football Playoff appearance. Patterson, however, couldn’t take Michigan to the promised land. Now the Wolverines are left seemingly looking for a quarterback to bridge the gap between Patterson and 2021 5-Star QB JJ McCarthy.

McCaffrey is the smarter and safer option. The soon to be senior quarterback has patiently awaited his turn to run the offense in Ann Arbor. It’s also worth noting that McCaffrey has suffered significant injuries in the past and would be at risk of another severe injury playing in the physical Big Ten Conference.

However, Joe Milton does have quite a size advantage over McCaffrey, standing at 6-5, 245 compared to McCaffrey’s 6-5, 220 frame. It may not be a big difference, but Milton is much more built and physically prepared to lead a football team this fall.

Milton is not only the bigger and more durable quarterback, but he also has recorded a faster 40-yard dash time. There are no official records due to the lack of practice time, but it’s been reported that Milton’s time was around 4.65 compared to McCaffrey’s 4.85.

So it begs the question: does Harbaugh go with the more experienced, less talented option, or does he go with the less experienced, more talented option? Michigan fans from all over the country will have to wait until September 5th to find the answer to that question.

Photo: David Guralnick/Detroit News