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I had the opportunity to interview Northern Illinois Guard Eugene German. He came out of Gary, Indiana with only one D1 offer, which was NIU. He has endured hardships unimaginable to many, such as losing his father right before his first game of his senior year and growing up in a city with one of the highest crime rates in the United States.

This only made him work harder so that he can help provide for his family with an NBA contract. German averaged 20+ Points per game for 3 straight seasons, which is almost unheard of in the modern college game. He also scored over 2,000 points in his collegiate career and has the record for most points in a career for NIU. He led the MAC in scoring this past season and was named First Team All-MAC. He was named Second Team All-MAC his sophomore and junior seasons, as well as receiving All-MAC freshman honors.

Here is the full interview:

– How was it growing up in Gary, Indiana?

Gary was just tough overall bro getting knocked down by your brother and sister being the youngest. Fights on the court, arguments outside, on the Ambridge court on 2nd Avenue where I grew up on made me to the player I am today it made me tough and I carried that everywhere I go.

– What schools were recruiting you the hardest out of high school, and what ultimately made you choose Northern Illinois

NIU was my only offer out of high school that’s what makes my story even better. They took a chance on me and I ran with it.

– What was the key to you getting so many minutes as a freshman and contributing right away.

I didn’t get them minutes as a freshman until the last 10 games I had to lock in and focus on the system and believe in our coach staff that they wanted the best for me and the team.

– How has this Draft Process worked due to the global pandemic?

The draft process is going pretty good. My agent is setting zoom meetings up with a few teams, nothing in stone yet.

– You averaged 20+ Points per game for 3 straight years at Northern Illinois. This feat is almost unheard of in today’s world of college hoops.  How did you manage to keep that consistency and lead the team.

I’m used to being the underdog , but I worked so hard everyday in my 4 years in college trying to figure out each day how can I improve and the results shows. My teammates and coaches pushed me daily to be the best player and person I could be.

– Favorite moment from your 4 years at Northern Illinois?

My favorite moment was when me and my brother Lacey James ran full court sprints in the summer at night time in the gym when no coaches around that was legendary!

– Biggest basketball influences growing up?

Biggest basketball influence was my sister Princess German she was a dog couldn’t nobody stop her I use to watch her kill it on the court daily!

– What should the people know about you?

I’m very chill and a cool person don’t too much just always look for a good vibes and positive energy!

– Do you feel that you are the most underrated player in the draft pool? What will you bring to the team that decides to give you an opportunity?

Most definitely! I’m a hard worker, a real life competitor, I’m always willing to get better, I’m a big trash talker and I bring energy! I love to win! And win championships. And yes, I am the most underrated because nobody works like me and I’m always locked in and out feel can’t nobody really stop me in my opinion

Thank you Mr. German for taking the time! Can’t wait to see you play at the next level! Best of luck!

Image: Northern Illinois Athletics