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I recently got the opportunity to interview Bowling Green G Justin Turner. Justin is a 2x 1st Team All-MAC selection and had high major interest in the transfer portal before electing to return to Bowling Green.

Q1: So you announced you were going to enter into the transfer portal and narrowed down your final schools to Marquette, Missouri, and Iowa State. What influenced your decision to stay at Bowling Green and not transfer to one of these bigger schools?

Justin: A lot of things played a factor, I knew what I was getting myself into as the leader of this team, also not being able to have the chance to get to go back to the MAC championship. I also thought it was the best fit for me basketball wise where I’ll be able to play my best.

Q2: Who do you think is the hardest player you’ve ever had to guard?

Justin: I would either say Skylar Mays or Cassius Winston from high school. Both are very skilled players who can score and pass with a high IQ. They know angles very well and are just overall great basketball players.

Q3: What did it mean to you to be selected First Team All-MAC for a second straight year as well as finish in the top 2 in the MAC?

Justin: Honestly it still hasn’t sat in with me yet that it has happened. I was so focused on getting us back to the championship, but I think it will be something I appreciate when I look back and realize how great of seasons we had.

Q4: What would you say is the craziest atmosphere you’ve ever played in and why?

Justin: When we played at home against ranked Buffalo. At the time we were tied for first in the conference, and I could feel the noise from the crowd roaring through the floor.

Q5: You suffered a hamstring injury that sidelined you for quite a few games. What did you have to do to come back from that and still be able to score at will like usual?

Justin: Well I really did lots of rehab, yoga, and physical therapy. I knew the basketball stuff would come because I feel the game come naturally to me, so I just needed to make sure I stay confident, but even when I got back I still continued my yoga and PT to make sure my body was at its best for the remainder of the season.

Q6: What player do you try and model your game after?

Justin: CJ McCollum and Lou Williams. They are both combo guards who can naturally score but at the same time run a team and get others involved. Great all-around natural players around the same size.

Q7: If you couldn’t play basketball what sport would you play and why?

Justin: I would play football because that’s what I played when I was younger. If I kept playing I think I would have made a great QB.

Q8: How have you been staying in shape and ready throughout this pandemic?

Justin: Just staying as productive as possible. Hitting the track and hill near me and shooting at an outside court near my apartment complex. Really just trying to mix it up and stay consistent.

Q9: What are your goals for your final season of college basketball? Team and individual.

Justin: For the team, I want us to win our conference and compete in the NCAA Tournament. My individual goal is just to be one of the top players in the country and show that I can play against anybody.

Q10: Favorite memory of your Bowling Green basketball career so far?

Justin: Favorite memory is when we went to Italy and the Virgin Islands. I love being able to travel for basketball because it’s a great experience and it shows the places basketball can take you.

Huge shoutout to Justin for doing this interview.

Photo: BGSU Athletics