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Winning unanimous MVP, breaking multiple records and being one of the most electrifying talents in NFL history hasn’t stopped people from criticizing Lamar Jackson arguments used against him is his playoff record: 0-2.

I’ll debunk the claim that Lamar Jackson is the only reason for the Ravens’ recent plays One of the woes.

Lamar’s first playoff game came against the LA Chargers in the 2018 AFC wildcard game. He took over mid-season and led the Ravens to a 10-6 record after they started 4-5 under Joe Flacco. He was the only first round rookie QB in 2018 to make the playoffs.

The Chargers, who were beaten by the Ravens in week 16, used multiple DB’s in the front 7 to contain Jackson. It worked, Lamar struggled as he threw for just 129 yards on 14-29 with 2 touchdowns and 4 turnovers. Despite those less than flattering numbers, Lamar isn’t the only one at fault.

To start, Baltimore’s offensive line gave up 7 sacks. Chargers’ defenders were in the backfield all game. Their offense was coached by Marty Mornhinweg, who not only failed to utilize Lamar Jackson’s strengths fully during the regular season also failed to adjust to the Chargers’ creative defensive gameplan. He did have a bad game, but Lamar shouldn’t receive all the blame for the loss.

His second playoff game came after he led the Ravens to a strong 14-2 record. Unfortunately they’d be facing the red hot Titans who were fresh off a dynasty destroying win vs Tom Brady’s Patriots.

Unlike his playoff game vs the Chargers, Lamar didn’t struggle. He had 508 total yards; 365 passing  and 143 rushing. However, he threw 59 times and committed 3 turnovers. Both stats weren’t his fault though as other factors forced them.

The Ravens’ pass catchers dropped multiple big passes. Some led to turnovers, others were possible touchdowns, but all were momentum killers for the Ravens. Baltimore’s defense also allowed Derrick Henry to run for 195 yards. Coaches John Harbaugh and Greg Roman also gave up on the Ravens successful run heavy offensive scheme and forced Jackson to throw 59 times something he hasn’t done in any other career game.

Lamar Jackson is a top three quarterback in the NFL and he shouldn’t receive criticism for his playoff record. In both games, the Ravens struggled not just Lamar. Peyton Manning started his postseason career 0-3. Lamar Jackson is an amazing talent and shouldn’t be criticized because of his record in the playoffs.