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The MLB draft concluded yesterday after 5 rounds and I am going to recap my favorite team, the White Sox.

First Pick: Garret Crochet

Garret Crochet was an interesting pick in my eyes. It wasn’t an attempted underslot because he was one of the best guys available, but I’m not sure he was the guy though. According to an MLB Now article, the scouts were pleading for them to take Mick Abel who went 15 to the Phillies but Kenny Williams overrode the scouts and took Crochet. I don’t have a lot of faith in Williams as he hasn’t been very good draft wise but Crochet as a player looks good. He has a low 3/4ths release and is equipped with 3 “plus” pitches with a great fastball, change up and a slider. He has Baseball America’s best collegiate fastball and a likely 55 grade change up and a 55 slider. He could be a frontline starter if all goes to plan but the Abel miss could loom large.

Second Pick: Jarred Kelley

This could be the pick that defines the draft. If Kelley hits he could make the underslot worth it. Kelley was a top 20 prospect pretty much until draft day when sign ability concerns scared a lot of teams off. He then fell to 47 and he could be a massive steal. He has a fastball that sits 97 and can touch 100. His best pitch, though, is his change up which most outlets have as a 60 grade which is amazing for an 18 year old high school kid. His command is okay but that is something that can be improved upon. He also had Baseball Americas best fastball from high school.

Third pick: Adisyn Coffey

This was likely the underslot to be able to sign Kelley and Crochet. He was a 2 way player in high school as a shortstop and a pitcher. He was unranked by every major source. His future is likely on the mound though. He is currently signed to Louisville and will likely attend to increase his stock as he didn’t really play much during this year.

Fourth Pick: Kade Mechals

Mechals was also likely another cap saving pick, given he’s a senior who just had Tommy John surgery. He is an RHP who sits around 90. In his major game against Oklahoma State, he went 5 innings while allowing no runs and tacked on 8 strikeouts, which is very good.

Fifth Pick: Bailey Horn

Horn is an LHP from Auburn University. His fastball sits at around 94 and he was ranked 172 on Fangraphs top draft eligible players. He has a decent slider and a good change up. He has nice depth on his curve as well. In 2020 he has a 2.08 era in 17 1/3 innings which was major improvement after an abysmal 2019.

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