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1. Milwaukee Bucks – Eric Bledsoe

Eric has been solid in the regular season the past 2 years for Milwaukee, but he has struggled in the last 2 playoffs. In the 2018 playoffs, he only averaged 13.6 PPG and shot an abysmal 32% from 3. To make matters worse, in the 2019 ECF Bledsoe averaged 10 PPG and shot 5-29 from 3. He needs to step up if the Bucks want to win the Finals…

2. Toronto Raptors – Fred VanVleet

Fred last year had an awful postseason up until the birth of his son. Before his son was born Fred averaged 4 PPG on awful efficiency. However, after his son was born he averaged 16.5 PPG and helped the Raptors win their first title in franchise history. He will need to be a consistent scoring threat for the Raptors this postseason if they want to repeat.

3. Boston Celtics – Gordon Hayward

Gordon has been great this season averaging 17-7-4 on great efficiency. However, last year in the playoffs that was not the case. In Boston’s 4 losses to Milwaukee, he really struggled as he averaged only 6 PPG and shot 25% from the field. The Celtics will need Gordon to make a larger impact this postseason if they want to make a postseason run.

4. LA Lakers – Danny Green

Even though the Raptors won, Danny Green really struggled the entire playoffs. In the series against Milwaukee, he averaged 3.5 PPG and shot 17% from the field. With Avery Bradley out and Rajon Rondo injured, he will need to play most of the guard minutes in the postseason, and he will need to produce in those minutes.

5. LA Clippers – Marcus Morris

Which Marcus Morris will show up in Orlando? The NYK Marcus Morris that averaged 20 PPG and shot 44% from 3 or the LAC Marcus Morris who averaged just 9.5 PPG and shot 28% from 3. Obviously he isn’t going to average 20 PPG because of all the talent around him. However, the Clippers will need him to be more efficient if they want to make it to the finals and end up winning the championship.

6. Denver Nuggets – Jamal Murray

This offseason Jamal got his bag, with a huge extension worth $170 million! This postseason he is going to have to prove he’s worth every penny. Last year in game 7 of the WCSF he choked. He shot 4-18 from the field and went 0-4 from 3. The Nuggets are going to have to play pretty much perfect basketball to beat the Lakers or Clippers in a 7 game series and it all starts with Murray…

Photo Credit: Jason Miller / Getty Images