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After his rookie season with the Washington Redskins, many people saw Dwayne Haskins a disappointment, and some have even already labeled him as a bust.

While Daniel Jones over in New York has already been given the nickname “Danny Dimes,” people have seemed to overlook Haskins and the poise he showed near the end of the season. Despite what everyone is saying about Haskins’s lack of production as a rookie, he is Washington’s quarterback of the future and here’s why:

CircumstancesIn his first game during Week 4 vs the Giants, Haskins was thrown into the worst possible situation to succeed. He hadn’t taken any first team snaps in practice, and clearly wasn’t properly prepared.

Furthermore, the run game was nonexistent, and the offensive line was plagued by injuries. His receiving core was very thin, and though some rookies seemed to bloom later in the season, Haskins was left with scarce weapons to throw to on the outside.

PoiseThe Redskins offense throughout the 2019 season was stagnant and extremely unproductive. At one point, they even went 3 straight games without a touchdown.

However, late in games later in the season, Haskins was able to lead the team down the field and deliver some impressive throws. After his 30th attempt, his passer rating was a superb 133.3. If he continues to build chemistry with his receivers, he has the potential to be a solid QB throughout the entirety of games, not just the late stages.

Late season improvement – In the last 2 weeks of the season against the Eagles and Giants, Haskins came out of his shell and played freely and confidently. He also took better care of the ball, having 4 TDs and 0 INTs in his last 2 games. He threw at a 72% clip and combined for nearly 400 yards in those weeks, which were cut short by a high ankle sprain.

Mobility in the pocket was also an issue for Haskins, as he was sacked 26 times in his first 7 games. In his last 2 weeks he showed more mobility and was only sacked 3 times. Those numbers showed a vast improvement from his early season struggles, and he should  feel more comfortable in the pocket going forward with a patched up offensive line and new receivers acquired in the draft.

Photo credit: The Athletic