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Daniel Jones and the New York Giants struggled at the start of the season, starting 0-5 and destroying fans hopes of a somewhat successful season. Daniel Jones’ inability to be smart with the football had fans calling out “Tank for Trevor!” and it seemed that Jones’ time in New York was quickly dwindling. However, the last two games have shown me that he is more than capable of being the Giants franchise QB.

Here’s why:

Now, I know beating Washington and Philadelphia isn’t much to brag about, but the biggest thing that stood out to me was Daniel Jones not turning the ball over. Going into Week 9, Daniel Jones had only had one game in his career where he didn’t turn the ball over.

Now, in two consecutive weeks, he has not turned the ball over. Jones did not force nearly as many passes, which was something that caused him to throw a lot of interceptions. Also, the offensive line has begun to help him out more. Fumbling has been a big issue for Daniel Jones, due to a combination of always being under pressure and not having awareness in the pocket.

However, the offensive line seems to have gotten things together, giving Jones more time to throw. And when he has time to throw, Daniel Jones has proven that he can make the throws he has to make. In fact, against Philadelphia this past week, Daniel Jones was a perfect 19/19 on his throws with a clean pocket. While he still has some ways to go, it looks like he’s trending in the right direction in terms of protecting the football.

Another thing I love about Daniel Jones is his mobility. Daniel Jones has the ability to escape the pocket and make throws and he can tuck it and run. He has also been used multiple times on designed runs this year, surprising defenses (and fans) with his speed. He has reached top speeds of 21+ MPH, even having some faster than Lamar Jackson. He is also a fearless runner- he is not scared to take a hit.

Daniel Jones doesn’t have the big arm that we see from guys like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. But, statistically speaking, he’s one of the best throwers of 20+ yards. Earlier this season, it frustrated me that OC Jason Garrett would not call more deep shots, as it seemed that the Giants were connecting on almost every single one. With the help of his receivers, Jones has put up one of the best QB ratings on balls thrown 20+ yards.

While his accuracy isn’t necessarily something to rave about either, Jones has shown he can put the ball in tight spaces earning him the nickname ‘Danny Dimes’. While he still has a tendency to throw behind receivers at some points, I believe this is another thing that will get better with time.

The Giants just need to build around Daniel Jones with weapons such as Saquon Barkley, Darius Slayton, Evan Engram, and Sterling Shepard. The offensive line is looking close to being complete. The Giants need to continue to develop Jones with these guys around him, plus another receiver or two (I love Chris Olave out of Ohio State).

I believe that Daniel Jones can eventually become a top-12 quarterback in the NFL.

Image: GiantsWire