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Clint Frazier and Miguel Andújar both started out on the Yankees Opening Day roster. However, even though both players proved that they are capable of starting in previous years, Frazier and Andújar were both sent down, as there just wasn’t anywhere to put them in the lineup. Now, with the Yankees suffering multiple injuries, both Frazier and Andújar are back, and I’m here to tell you what the Yankees should do with them going forward. 

First, Clint Frazier. While many speculated that he would be traded before the season even began, I believe that he should be retained by the Yankees. In just nine games, Frazier has been a difference maker for the Yankees, putting up impressive stats, including a 0.5 WAR. On the defensive side, he has improved drastically from last season, which was something he came under fire for. With an aging Brett Gardner putting up subpar numbers and Giancarlo Stanton seemingly always on the IL, it makes sense for the Yankees to keep Clint Frazier, as he can be an important asset for many years to come.

Now for Miguel Andújar: Miguel Andújar took NY by storm as an XBH machine his rookie year, and many believe he should’ve won Rookie of the Year over Shohei Ohtani. However, just like Frazier, Andújar was not great in the field. After missing most of the season last year due to a shoulder surgery, he came back this year with his job taken by Gio Urshela. Andújar, who has worked tremendously on fixing his defense, has had lackluster results. To add insult to injury, he has not been able to get it going at the plate, totaling only 2 hits in 21 ABs. Andújar’s value has already fallen a good amount from where it was at the beginning of the season, and with the trade deadline looming, I expect the Yankees to include him in a trade for a much-needed starting pitcher.

It will be interesting to see what the Yankees do. The trade deadline is August 31st at 4 pm. 

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