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The New England Patriots are back…right? Right? The Patriots coming off their worst season in 20 years just spent big money in Free Agency. The Patriots spent over $190 million in guaranteed money to improve the roster which was below average, to say the least, last season. The Patriots attempted to fill huge holes such at Tight End, Linebacker, and Wide Receiver, but even with all these holes covered this team still has a lot of needs and the best, most efficient way they can do that is through the draft. 

The Patriots’ number one need I believe is Quarterback. Currently, the answer to that position is not on the roster, Cam Newton is just terrible and Jarrett Stidham in limited action has not impressed. So the Patriots should make a move for a QB this upcoming draft, and I believe they should trade up to get one.

With the way football is played now you need good QB play to win and there is plenty of QB talent in this upcoming draft. The big question will be can the Patriots put themselves in a position to get one of these guys? And though Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and Justin Fields will likely be top five picks, trading up a few picks to get Mac Jones or Trey Lance is possible or one could even fall to the Patriots. Kyle Trask is also a possible target if the Patriots get a late first or early second.  

The Patriots should trade up in the draft to get the guy they want but to also show ambition. If they trade up to get a guy it will provide confidence in the organization that the player they select is the next guy, this would be a different approach to what the Patriots typically do in the draft which would be letting a player fall right into their lap, but that is practically impossible to do.  

To conclude, in order to improve the team going forward the Pats must get the next guy via the Draft.

Photo: Kim Klement