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Antonio Brown, has been caught up in utter nonsense for almost a year, and there seems to be no finish line for the superstar that seemingly went insane.

Before we look into his potential future, let’s do a very fitting “year in review” for AB, as we approach the conclusion of 2019:

  • Skips final practices in Pittsburgh, and does not play in final game
  • Reportedly got furious that JuJu won the Steelers’ offensive player of the year award, over himself
  • Orchestrates a messy breakup and trade request out of Pittsburgh, bringing his value down significantly
  • Steelers agree to trade him to Buffalo, but Brown refuses to go and the trade falls through
  • AB is traded to Oakland for a seemingly cheap package
  • Summer was filled with off the field drama including frostbitten feet, and a helmet dilemma; which lasts all offseason
  • Brown leaks phone call with Coach Jon Gruden, and publishes it to social media
  • Brown also leaks letter from GM Mike Mayock and team of his large fine, after public fight against Mayock at practice
  • AB becomes even angrier, and requests to be released after rumblings he could be suspended by team
  • Raiders grant AB’s release prior to Week 1
  • AB quickly signs with Patriots, and plays Week 2 against Miami, scoring a TD
  • After charges are released against Brown, he is released from New England

And it’s been downhill since… maybe that’s even an understatement.

Before he started getting involved in these outside events, Brown was considered arguably the best WR in the NFL. Although most people hate him now, we must remember his unbelievable accomplishments; as he is a 4x All-Pro and has 11,263 receiving yards in only 131 games.

There are reportedly around 24 teams interested in Antonio Brown, but the question is, which team makes the most sense for the hot-headed superstar? 

The Patriots are the number one team in my opinion that should be targeting Antonio Brown. New England clearly are not getting any younger, with Tom Brady turning 42 and statistically regressing as the season has gone on.

Julian Edelman is an above average, solid role-playing slot receiver, who is not good enough to be the WR1 on a dynasty like the Patriots – especially when battling the nagging injuries he’s had all year. They also lost Rob Gronkowski to retirement and they attempted to fill his hole with washed up veteran tight end, Ben Watson. Safe to say that was an epic mistake, as the Patriots have had the worst TE production in football and it’s shown. Even the running backs on this team are nothing special, headlined by Sony Michel being a huge disappointment this season.

The Patriots need a flashy, fast, game-changing player like Antonio Brown. His presence also gives the Patriots more of an opportunity to test out rookie N’Keal Harry in different sets.

Giving the Patriots a superstar receiver will only make them more dangerous and put them right back atop of the league.

The 49ers are another very intriguing option for Brown. They are an uprising team with a top notch defense. The offense has been improving, with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo showing flashes of a true franchise quarterback.

One of the only problems with the 49ers right now is their receiving corps. The leading receiver is their TE stud George Kittle, with 967 receiving yards (as of week 16). Deebo Samuel has shown that he can be a reliable receiver, but not as the number one. Emmanuel Sanders was a nice veteran acquisition, but isn’t a true No.1, like Brown.

Putting Antonio Brown on this team would likely cement them as the favorite for the Super Bowl. Their one weakness will be fixed because they would have their true number one receiver. Antonio Brown and George Kittle could be the most dangerous receiving dual threat in the NFL if paired.

The Ravens are another team that would make perfect sense for Antonio Brown. Antonio Brown wants to be on a winning team with his huge ego, hence the Ravens are perfect.

They have a 22 year-old superstar QB in Lamar Jackson, but he has a quieter receiving core. Similar to the 49ers, their best receiving option is their TE Mark Andrews. Their second option is Marquise Brown (Antonio’s cousin) which could be another draw for him to go to Baltimore and be the star.

Personally, I put the Ravens as the Super Bowl favorites in 2020. Keeping the team the same after this season and adding Antonio Brown will put the Ravens in the category of “unstoppable.” John Harbaugh is a very good coach on top of this; with his character and leadership I think he will be able to contain the big-headed personality of Antonio Brown.

Honorable Mentions:

The Seahawks have one of the best QBs in the league in Russell Wilson, aided by two young stars in Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf; but still have a need for a stud receiver.

The Giants have a bunch of young stars up on the rise and new rookie QB Daniel Jones. GM Dave Gettleman has made it clear he wants to win during the rebuild, as the Golden Tate signing shows that, for example. Teaming up Brown with RB Saquon Barkley would be a dynamic force.

The Jets of course have AB’s former teammate Le’Veon Bell, and the two seemed to have a good relationship with one another. The Jets are desperate to win as they haven’t made the playoffs since 2010 and have only made it 14 times out of 53 seasons. They are in a big market, which might attract Antonio Brown because he clearly loves attention.

Final Prediction: Antonio Brown tries everything he can to join the Patriots, but ultimately ends up signing with the 49ers.