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Wow. This game sucked. Like actually sucked. Carson Wentz got worse once again. The defense did look really solid Sunday night though. I am just happy to see the Eagles manage to pull this one out. They got some key players back, and they actually did not utilize them as much as I would have liked to see. Either way, Philly did what I expected them to do by winning. They successfully contained Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper, for once.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz look real rough. After three pretty promising games, two of which against really good defenses (Pittsburgh and Baltimore), the Eagles looked ready to make their mark in this putrid division. Even though they won this game, Wentz had two terrible fumbles and multiple interceptions that were even worse to witness. I will say all of these turnovers came earlier in the game, so I guess that is better than turning it over late in the game. Hopefully the Eagles get some more players healthy on their current bye week and get ready for a clash with New York Giants.


Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox manhandled the line of scrimmage, and the defense has started to look better and better. Ben DiNucci was the starter for the Cowboys, though. I do although expect the Eagles defense to keep improving as the season progresses. However, the second half of the schedule gets tough for the Eagles. Darius Slay has left a few games with injuries, including this one. The Eagles need him to stay healthy; otherwise this secondary will start self-destructing itself each week.


I will try to keep this one short. First off, Jalen Reagor got his first career touchdown after his return for the Injured Reserve list. He was not used as much as I would gave expected though, mostly because Travis Fulgham still stole the show. Dallas Goedert came back, and had just one catch. The Eagles also got Lane Johnson and Jason Peters back in the lineup, which is huge for Carson Wentz and the always inconsistent (and injured) Eagles offense. The defense is healthy for the most part, but Malik Jackson and Avonte Maddox will likely return from their injuries after the bye week, so the Philly defense will get some key contributors back, too. Hopefully Miles Sanders returns after the bye week, too.


The offense still sucks, the defense is getting better, and both sides of the ball are getting healthier. The schedule will get tougher, and hopefully the Eagles play to their potential once they are near full health. Philly will return to action two Sundays from now when they play the Giants.

Be on the lookout for my next article where I will take a look at the remaining games of the Eagles schedule and likely outcomes for the Eagles.

Photo: Yong Kim/ The Philly Inquirer