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This weekend, finished off by Sunday, October 4th, is one for the history books of the English Premier League. Almost every game had a decisive moment for a player, manager, and/or club. Many of these moments were fantastic, jaw-dropping, or awe-inducing. One thing that they all share is that they will never be forgotten. 

Starting off on Saturday was a  continuation of this year’s premier league surprise team: Everton. This was a game that is part of a season to remember for a few of the components in Everton’s greatness. Namely, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, James Rodriguez, and Carlo Ancelotti. 

James has exemplified the saying “Form is temporary, class is permanent.” Dominic Calvert-Lewin, though, continues trotting nicely along as the dark horse for golden boot this year.

Most importantly, it is Carlo Ancelotti’s, out of all his amazing seasons, defining moment. Now, Carlo heads a club whose best result in recent years is a fifth-placed finish. For him to transform this team into a talent-ridden squad who can compete with anyone is genius and cements his case as one of the greatest managers ever. 

One match later, fellow great managers Pep Guardiola and Marcelo Bielsa faced off with Manchester City playing Leeds United. The fixture, ending 1-1, laid claims to two things on either side: Pep Guardiola should be sacked soon, and Marcelo Bielsa is a genius. This match may come down to be one of the defining moments in either of the gaffers’ careers. 

As the clock moved forward and Sunday came, the omnipotent Manchester United and Liverpool fans grew increasingly excited. That is, until the clock moved all the way to nighttime and there was no happiness left between either side.

The Red Devils were the first to draw blood, losing to Tottenham 6-1 in the afternoon. An astounding scoreline which mirrors the performance of when the side lost equally nine years ago to their neighbors. The game, for the Mancunians, cements a cycle ongoing ever since Sir Alex Ferguson’s tears hit the Old Trafford ground at his goodbye. The cycle perpetually has managers staying in the hot seat, while the puppet masters The Glazers and Ed Woodward are rooted in their own seats. The cycle, for seven long years, seems yet to break. 

It also highlights the luck of Manchester United and their former associates coming back to haunt them. Jose Mourinho joins the long line of people, including Angel Di Maria, to successfully execute revenge on the club.

For the players over in Liverpool, despair, yet mitigated by their recent league and European wins, has seeped in. When they played Aston Villa, their horrid performance is overshadowed by someone who deserves focus: Jack Grealish. 

The hometown hero for Villa, Grealish may have delivered one of the best individual performances in Premier League history. He is going to bed tonight with 2 goals and 3 assists on the day. An absolute masterclass. 

The combination of defining moments for the handful of teams and managers make this weekend not easily forgettable in the long history of English football.

Photo: Sky Sports