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Free Agent star second baseman DJ LeMahieu has now been linked to the New York Mets, now that Robinson Cano has been suspended for the upcoming 2021 MLB season. Almost all of the top free agents have been linked to the Mets in some way shape, or form. Which is highly likely due to the fact that Steve A. Cohen is the new owner of the franchise. But LeMahieu might very well be a possibility for the Mets to sign.

However they shouldn’t sign him. 

LeMahieu is undeniably a top second basemen in this league. He has an amazing bat and a flashy glove, which has won him a couple of awards. Obviously the Yankees signing of him a couple of off-seasons ago turned out to be a great move. There were some that were skeptical of the deal, due to the fact that he had been playing in Coors Field. But he showed that he would be able to hit in any ballpark you put him in. Even though he has shown that he can play in New York, the Mets should not sign him.

LeMahieu plays multiple infield positions; but there is really no spot for him to play. The Mets current infield consists of Pete Alonso and Dom Smith, who are both arguably top-ten first basemen. LeMahieu does not usually play at first, and if the Mets were to sign him, it wouldn’t be to play first.

The Mets also already have a plethora of second basemen. With Jeff McNeil, Andrés Giménez, Luis Guillorme all as options. Plus, the Mets have Cano coming back in just one year from now. At shortstop there is Andrés Giménez and Amed Rosario, LeMahieu has had some playing time at shortstop in his career. Still, for the Mets to sign LeMahieu to play shortstop, would mean they have given up on Amed Rosario (who had a great 2019 season). As well as Andrés Giménez who only has one year in the majors under his belt and he had a great year.

The Mets number one prospect, Ronny Mauricio, is also a shortstop. Which means the Mets don’t need a shortstop. That would leave only third base as a potential spot where LeMahieu could play. At third base there are also many options the Mets can choose to go. JD Davis, Jeff McNeil, Luis Guillorme and Andrés Giménez are all able to play at the hot corner. The Mets 2019 first round pick Brett Baty is also a third basemen and he is considered to be one off the team’s top prospects. LeMahieu does not play in the outfield. Which would mean there would be nowhere for him to play on the Mets, barring an unforeseen change.

So, the Mets signing DJ LeMahieu would be a foolish decision, simply because there is no where to play him.

LeMahieu is also already 32-years-old and he is apparently looking for a five-year contract this off-season. That would mean he would be 37 by the time he is a free agent again. It is likely that LeMahieu will not be producing at the level he is right now, by that time. The team already has guys that are younger that are pretty good. As well as an older second basemen in Cano and it has not been working out to say the least.

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