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Last week, the New York Giants decided to bolster their secondary with free agent CB/S Logan Ryan. The move was highly touted by Giants fans following the armed robbery case of Deandre Baker, and foot injury to rookie Xavier McKinney.

Now, at first, I myself was not interested in the signing of Logan Ryan because of the reported $10M Ryan was commanding per year. Well, it just so happened Ryan will be getting $7.5M in his return to East Rutherford.

At $7.5M, I’d take Ryan any day. With that said, let’s see what the Giants really got out of their steal signing.

In 2019, with the Titans, Ryan managed four interceptions and 18 pass deflections. In Tennessee, Ryan basically only played corner, but he’s projected to play both safety and corner this upcoming season with Big Blue.

“He (Logan Ryan) plays with a lot of instincts and intelligence and that’s why he’s been able to age seamlessly in the business.” said Blake Beddingfield, the former director of scouting for the Titans (1999-2017).

Beddingfield also states “He (Logan Ryan) has a great concept of route combinations and the way offenses are trying to attack him and the defense.”

Per Pro Football Focus, Ryan led all cornerbacks in tackles. His 112 tackles were on the level of a linebacker. Ryan also led corners with eight quarterback hits.

It’s not all positives for the New York native though, as according to Pro Football Focus, Ryan led all corners in. targets, catches allowed, and yards allowed. 

James Bradberry, also signed this offseason, had some thoughts on Ryan as a Titan as well.

“He’s a very good corner.” Bradberry stated.

When asked about how Ryan will transition to safety, Bradberry said: “My personal opinion, I know it’s harder to go from safety to corner than it is corner to safety. If he puts the work in, he’s able to do it.”

In my opinion, Ryan will have a similar year this year as he did last year with the Titans, but I believe he will iron out some coverage issues with Patrick Graham and Joe Judge.

The price for Ryan was ideal for the talent and the fact the Giants really needed to sign a versatile piece to toss in the secondary. Of course, with Joe Judge, you knew there had to be some versatility in Ryan’s play for him to end up in the Big Apple.

‘One of his (Logan Ryan) strengths really is versatility.” Judge said.

Now overall, this really was a phenomenal fit factoring in the losses the Giants faced in the secondary, the price, system, and familiarity. I think Ryan will be great in New York and be a great piece to the secondary. Props to Gettleman with this one.

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