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After 105 years, the Cleveland Indians are changing their names. Last year, Chief Wahoo went out. This year, the whole name is gone.

But what will their new name be? Here are some suggestions:

Cleveland Baseball Team

Hear me out. Washington’s NFL team changed their name, and have become a playoff contender. Maybe it’ll work for Cleveland. The Baseball Team is right to the point.

Cleveland Wild Things

A reference to the classic movie Major League. Charlie Sheen’s character, Rick Vaughn, is nicknamed Wild Thing. He won Cy Young, so who knows? Maybe this name will bring more good luck to Cleveland’s pitchers.

Cleveland Spiders

Homage to the worst team in baseball history, as the 1899 spiders had the worst record ever. However, this was because the owners of the spiders also owned the Cardinals, so they traded all their good players, such as Hall of Famer, Denton “Cy” Young to St Louis. Also, spiders are scary, and it’s scary how bad the (name pending) will be.

Cleveland Rockers

Based off the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland. This team name will honor rock legends such as Guns and Roses and Led Zeppelin, by winning 74 games and finishing third in the AL Central.

Cleveland Bullfrogs

Ohio’s State Frog is the Bullfrog. I think this is a pretty cool name. Also, Bullfrogs catch flies, and outfielders catch fly balls. It’s meant to be.

Cleveland Groundhogs

Holy Bill Murray, Batman! Did you know that the state of Ohio has a STATE GROUNDHOG? WHY? It’s not even a breed, it’s just some groundhog named Buckeye Chuck. This might be the greatest thing to ever exist!

Cleveland Aviators

Cleveland is the birthplace of 24 astronauts, as well as the Wright brothers who invented the first airplane. This is actually a pretty cool name. I don’t have a joke here. Hang on…. got one. Cleveland is the home of the Wright brothers, and Cleveland fans will march “wright” out of the stadium when they see the team that Cleveland fields.

Photo credit: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images