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A month ago, I predicted that the Red Sox could match up with the Yankees, Rays, and Athletics. Now that we know the three possible teams they could play if they make it, it is time to re-analyze their potential matchups.

1. New York Yankees (Fenway or Bronx)

This is the most likely matchup at this point for Tuesday night. After a brutal sweep last weekend for the Red Sox, it appears that the Yankees could open the flood gates on the Sox in this potential matchup. This one-game playoff depends entirely on the host stadium. If the Yankees proceed to lose to the Rays and the Sox can catch them by beating the Nationals, the Red Sox will win the wild card game. If they cannot catch the Bronx Bombers, the Yankees are favorable and will take on the Rays. Gerrit Cole is a much better pitcher in the Bronx and could easily get rattled at the Fens. The same can be said for Nathan Eovaldi. The Red Sox offense will only come alive if the Fenway Faithful are in-person to cheer them on.

Prediction: 6-4 Red Sox (if at Fenway), 5-2 Yankees (if at Yankee Stadium)

2. Seattle Mariners (Fenway)

The Seattle Mariners have had reason to believe for the past 2 weeks that they can end their 20-year postseason drought, the longest active in professional sports. If the Mariners can pull off a miracle and make the wild card game, they would be crushed by the Sox. Boston has a much superior lineup, rotation, and a slight edge in the bullpen. This game would certainly be at Fenway where the Mariners have struggled in recent seasons. Nathan Eovaldi would make quick work of this low payroll lineup.

Prediction: 8-2 Red Sox

3. Toronto Blue Jays

The final team the Red Sox may encounter is the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto had a successful season series against the Red Sox even though they fell short 10-9. If the lineup gets hot in this unlikely matchup early, I like the Jays to upset the Sox at Fenway. This is the only team that can beat them at home. The lethal combination of George Springer, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette, and Marcus Semien would be too much for the Sox to handle.

Prediction: 5-2 Blue Jays



Photo: Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images