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League Expansion has been a topic trending topic in the NBA among fans.  The NBA has not expanded since the addition of the Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors in 1995. 

Back in May of 2019, Silver responded, “We are just not in expansion mode at the time” to a question about expanding the league. This decision is not Adam Silver’s decision, but rather the NBA owners who would have to split up the NBA revenue pie chart.

However, here is a list of teams that are candidates for an expansion franchise.

  1. Seattle

There should not be anything to discuss because Seattle is a perfect city for an NBA team.  Seattle was the previous home to the SuperSonics, who relocated to Oklahoma City in the 2007-08 season.

Seattle could easily house an NBA team with fans who are still loyal to the SuperSonics.

Population: 745,000

Possible Team Name: SuperSonics.  Nothing else.

  1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great destination for an NBA team considering that the USA Basketball holds its camp there.  Also, the Golden Knights in the NHL just expanded to Vegas, and they are arguably the best expansion story of all time.

The Raiders are moving into their new stadium this year as well.  Vegas would most likely have to build a new arena because their current NBA practice facility is short in length.

Population: 645,000

Possible Team Name: Bandits

  1. Kansas City

Kansas City is a great city for sports with some of the most passionate fans.  Kansas is full of passionate basketball fans for the local college teams, Kansas, Kansas State, and Missouri.

Kansas is also home to a ten-year-old NBA quality arena in Lawrence, Kansas.  Allen Field house is home to the Jayhawks and is located approximately 40 minutes from Kansas City.

Population: 505,000

Possible Team Name: Monarchs

  1. Louisville

Louisville is a basketball city with an NBA quality arena.  The team would not have to compete with another pro sports franchise market.

Louisville is similar in size to Memphis and Oklahoma City and could thrive with only one pro sports market in the basketball-crazed state of Kentucky.

Population: 625,000

Possible Team Name: Colonels

  1. Vancouver

Vancouver is a great spot for relocation or expansion because they have an NBA arena that is 20 years old waiting to be used.

Vancouver also used to be home to the Grizzlies, so there are still fans who are bitter about the team leaving and would love to see one return.

Population: 680,000

Possible Team Name: Grizzlies.  Sorry, Memphis.

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