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The college basketball season is starting in UNDER TWO DAYS! I’m here to predict the Terps’ whole schedule from start to finish:

November 25th: Old Dominion at Maryland – W: In the first game of the season the Terps should win in commanding fashion. Aaron Wiggins starts out as expected.

November 27th: Navy at Maryland – W: We should see another easy win here. I expect a big game out of Jairus Hamilton here.

November 29th: Mount St Mary’s at Maryland – W: Hakim Hart goes for his career-high and the Terps get the W.

December 1st: Monmouth at Maryland – W: First game in December and the Terps win by 20+.

December 4th: George Mason at Maryland – W: This game will be extremely close but our defense ends up making winning plays.

December 9th: Maryland at Clemson – W: This is the only game we could possibly come out with an L in our non-conference but I think the best player on the floor in Aaron Wiggins makes big plays.

December 14th: Rutgers at Maryland – L: The Terps, tired off of a tough win @ Clemson will drop their first Big Ten game to a Rutgers team that is competing for a Big Ten title.

December 22nd: Lasalle at Maryland – W: Maryland will win but Lasalle is going to stay hanging around. The Terps should pull away and will end up winning by 10-15 points.

December 25th (Christmas): Maryland at Purdue – W: It’s not often I would predict Maryland to win at Mackey but Maryland is a better team than Purdue AND if they do have fans, it’s going to be a minimal amount.

December 28th: Maryland at Wisconsin – L: The Terps will start off 1-2 in conference play. In my opinion, Wisconsin is the best team in the big ten, and playing them on the road doesn’t help.

December 31st: Michigan at Maryland – W: This is a game where if we want to get into the tournament we have to win. This year’s Michigan team is nothing special, so we should be able to take care of business at home.

January 4th: Maryland at Indiana – L: We only have one win @ Indiana since joining the Big Ten. That win came last year. They’ve improved and we’ve gotten worse.


January 7th: Iowa at Maryland – W: Yes, I put a W. Aside from the fact they are overrated, they are usually not good defensively and I think at home the Terps can pull one out. This would be considered a SIGNATURE win.

January 10th: Maryland at Illinois – L: Playing on the road against a title contender is never good.

January 16th: Nebraska at Maryland – W: The Terps force themselves into a close game with turnovers but the Terps get the W at home against a worse  Nebraska team.

January 19th: Maryland at Michigan – L: Michigan is good at home and the better team. They’ll win by about 10.

January 23rd: Maryland at Minnesota – L: The gophers take the win at home As Richard Pitino tries desperately to save his job.

January 30th: Wisconsin at Maryland – L: Wisconsin is the significantly better, more experienced, and better-coached team.

February 2nd: Purdue at Maryland – W: The Terps come out with the win and get the series sweep. Wiggins proves he’s the best player on the floor.

February 5 OR Feb 6: Maryland at Penn State – W: WE ARE, THEY WERE. Terps come out with the W @ Penn State for the 2nd time in a few months.

February 8 OR 9: Ohio State at Maryland – W: A near must-win for the Terps goes in their favor as they take care of business in a close one.

February 14th: Minnesota at Maryland – W: Terps get another win against Minnesota, Darryl Morsell reigns supreme.

February 17th: Maryland at Nebraska – L: This is going to be a massive game. It could go either way, but I don’t think Nebraska will lose to us twice. Also, this is in mid-February so the situation with the fans may be different. There’s a good chance Nebraska gets a decent amount of fans in and they would need this game to keep their tourney hopes alive.

February 21st: Maryland at Rutgers – W: The Terps avoid the sweep and get a great top-25 win @ the RAC. A great thing to be able to put on the tournament resume.

February 28th: Michigan State at Maryland – L: It’s never good to face Tom Izzo in late February. We may keep it close but the better team will pull away.

March 3rd: Maryland at Northwestern – W: Must-win game in March. Losing would really hurt our tournament chances.

March 7th: Penn State at Maryland – W: On Morsell’s senior night the Terps sweep the season series.

According to my predictions, the Terps will finish the regular season with a record of 18-9. They go 7-0 in non-conference and then 11-9 in conference play. I feel that if we then pick up at least one win in the Big Ten tournament, then we should be able to get in the NCAA tournament.

Let’s hope for the best and FEAR THE TURTLE🐢