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This past week, I was lucky enough to interview 5-Star Michigan commit Tommy Doman. 

Tommy Doman is a 6’3″, 170 lb Kicker/Punter from West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Doman has attended multiple Kohl’s Football Kicking and Punting Camps and is an Adidas All-American.

He is currently the best overall combo Kicker/Punter in the Nation, and is ranked as a 5-Star for both kicking and punting per Kohl’s Professional Camps.

Doman also told me that the coaching staff is looking for him to play all 3 specialist positions. (Kicker, Punter, and Kickoff)


Q: What was the recruiting process like? 

My recruiting process was great. I got to get a lot of great coaching tips and had the chance to get to meet and know a lot of great people. I always knew Michigan was the best fit for me and once I received a scholarship from them it was a slam dunk pick for me. 

Q: What was the official visit at Michigan like? 

I am super excited for my official visit at Michigan this summer(hopefully). I have visited about 9 times and have loved each time, so I am super excited for my official. 

Q: What made you choose Michigan over any other schools? 

The coaching staff at Michigan and how they develop specialists was the best opportunity for me as a specialist along with the world class education Michigan has along with their dental school being the best in the country.

So being the best combo of football and academics along with the great atmosphere of the University of Michigan made it an easy decision for me. 

Q: As you step up to kick the ball, what is your thought process? 

When I go out to kick I clear my mind and just trust the training I put in. So when the ball is snapped I am just thinking to stay smooth and controlled. 

Q: What player in the NFL do you look up to and what player in the NFL do you shape your play around? 

I look up to different NFL guys for different aspects of kicking because of their great form and character. I look up to Thomas Morestead as a punter because his swing is similar to mine because we are almost the same size and his leadership as a specialist is something I aspire to be like as well.

For kicking field goals and kickoffs I look up to Harrison Butker because we are similar size and how he controls his body but is also very explosive. I also look up to Justin Tucker as a FG kicker because of his repeatability in clutch situations.