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One thing that is almost certain in baseball, is that a starting pitcher will always go at least one inning, barring anything unforeseen.

Enter Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, Wade Miley.

In 2018, the Brewers made the playoffs for just the 5th time in their 48 seasons. In that postseason, they made it to the NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

After splitting the first four games, they found themselves in a huge Game 5.

October 17th was a nice sunny day, but it was also the day Miley changed the game.

 Typically, the pitcher has an advantage if he has the same dominant hand as the batter, and that season, Los Angeles had A TON of guys who could hit bombs down the left side of the field.

Understand where this is going?

Milwaukee used Miley as bait. He came out after walking just one batter, bringing in right handed pitcher Brandon Woodruff.

Even with this clever plan, Milwaukee would lose the game 5-2 and the series 4-3.

Something did come out of this, though, for better or for worse.

The MLB would make a rule that offseason that stated that a pitcher had to face at least 3 batters before they could be subbed out. That is how Craig Counsell and the Milwaukee Brewers changed the game of baseball, in the matter of one pitch.

Photo: ESPN