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Jalen Green, the number 1 ranked prospect in the 2020 recruiting class, will not be attending college next year.

This is something that has not happened since 2008 when Brandon Jennings played overseas instead of playing in college.

Jalen Green is a 6’5” Shooting Guard out of Fresno, CA. Jalen is opting to skip college and play in the NBA’s G-League. He will play for a brand new G-League franchise in Southern California this upcoming season, and enter the 2021 NBA draft, where he is a projected top 5 pick.

His decision comes just days after Isaiah Todd’s, another highly ranked recruit, who de-committed from Michigan this week, and will join forces with Green in the G-League on the aforementioned So-Cal team.


Now, for the main question: Why did these High School superstars make this decision, and how will it impact college basketball?

While they will he missing out on the college experience and playing great competition in the American or the SEC, the duo will be playing against professionals in the G-League.

Ultimately, the factor that probably had the biggest influence on his decision was the fat $500,000 contract on his desk waiting to be signed. How can you blame a kid for choosing to provide for his family while playing the game he loves?

Top prospects in the G-League will also increase their viewership exponentially.

Overall, this decision will have an effect on college basketball that will lead to more top recruits choosing to skip college.

While some of the stars may be missing from college campuses in the future, the sport will prevail and is in absolutely no danger of falling apart. The fans, the lights, and most of all, the tournament make college basketball tower over the experience one could find in the G-League or overseas.

Though, in order for College Basketball to retain the annual top recruits that bring the massive revenue into the NCAA, it seems that their only option is to allow players to finally make money of of their name brand; something that has been heavily discussed and debated for years.

Over time, this should lead to more parity in the sport and we could see more seasons like the 2019-2020 season, which was full of upsets and suspense.

In the absence of Jalen Green, another star will rise and take the college basketball world by storm. I guess we just have to wait and see.

I can however assure you one thing, with transfers immediately eligible and business left unfinished due to the COVID-19 outbreak, buckle up for the most passionate college basketball season of all time!