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The NCAA has made it known they do not think a College Football season should take place. Yet, there is zero unification on what should happen.

Certain medical experts say “yes” to football, while some say “no”. You may be thinking: What Should Happen?

Well, I’m going to tell you what should happen. There’s a lot of moving parts to this situation so trying to find one solution is very difficult. Below, I will devise a ‘proposal’ that would not only ‘save’ College Football, but may even see a completion of the season before the NFL Draft’s scheduled date.

First and foremost, everyone should postpone the season until later this winter/spring. I do not believe there can be a legitimate season in these current, unprecedented times. However, I do think it’d become much more likely to accomplish a “full” season when the new year starts. With that being said, here’s my proposal:

  • Season starts either after Christmas or the first weekend in January
  • 8 game conference-only schedule, 2 to 3 byes (flexibility with COVID-19)
  • Finish Conference Championships + Bowl Season by the middle/end of March (Condensed Bowl Season)
  • Also allow teams with no bowl-eligibility to play other teams with no bowl-eligibility (“Non-Conference Games”)
  • NFL Combine/Draft Process until the scheduled NFL Draft or *NFL pushes draft back to May, allowing for a more thorough, smooth draft process

*Please Note: Moving the draft to May could require a few slight changes to the NFL Offseason, but overall they should be able to not only have a 2021 Preseason, but also have games on time.

There’s my proposed College Football season, ideally. Obviously, it’s quite vague and not too in-depth, but it makes sense for everyone trying to have a legitimate College Football season.

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