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Waterskiing is a fun activity for many lake goers during the summer time, but many people don’t know that competitive waterskiing exists.

Typically, casual waterskiers will just ride around the lake on two skis making weak cuts, but having a fun time while doing so. However, this is a very beginning level of Waterskiing. In Skiing, there are three common events:

  • Slalom: Skiiers navigate through a course which consists of buoys that you must go around at a constant boat speed. Once you don’t complete the trip around all buoys and go through both sets of gate buoys, you’re done.
  • Trick: Skiiers do a variety of set tricks within the twenty second time limit to get the most points
  • Jump: Probably the most exciting event where you jump over a ramp and whoever goes the furthest out of three jumps wins.

All three Waterskiing events are very difficult events and if you compete in all three you are considered an overall skier and receive an overall score. There are many national tournaments throughout the world. To add, there are also smaller tournaments that can be held in someone’s backyard. Back in the 1980’s and early 90’s skiing was broadcast on ESPN and drew very big crowds to watch the skiers.

As a waterskier myself, I hope we can get the sport back to what it once was, the amount of time people spend on skiing for such little profit, if any is insane. There are people who love this sport and I would hate for it to fade away.

Photo: Peter Gleeson / Macquarie Port News