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Owner Jeffrey Lurie and the Philadelphia Eagles announced Monday, January 11 that Doug Pederson has been fired as head coach of the franchise, referencing “differences in the view of the team heading into next year.”

The Eagles coaching search has begun, as they have requested interviews with 49ers Defensive Coordinator Robert Salah and Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles. The Eagles also contacted Oklahoma Head Coach Lincoln Riley about filling the coaching vacancy. Lurie recently had a 43 to 45 minute press conference on Monday after Pederson’s firing.

Below are my takeaways from that press conference:

1. Lurie believes Carson Wentz is their guy, but also feels that they have 2 capable assets at QB, and it sounds like he will allow the new coach to choose who he prefers, as well as having as many resources as needed to make the team work.

2. Lurie believes the team needs retooling, especially because of the short term moves made to try and get back to the Super Bowl the last few years, referencing the current cap space situation and age of the team.

3. Lurie said the team needs to get younger, and there has to be more mid-term & long-term moves made in the future (beginning now), to help the retooling of the roster, talent, draft processes. This is likely where Pederson and Lurie disagreed, leading to Pederson’s departure.

4. Lurie is 100% interested in hiring a minority coach (like Eric Bieniemy), and he mentioned Duce Staley as a potential candidate too. He said he will lead the coaching search (he always does), and he’ll have some other executives, including Howie Roseman and potentially John Dorsey, involved in the search.

5. Lurie is not in a hurry to hire a coach, and he’s willing to be the last team in need of a coach. He said it could go into February if needed, and one of the most important qualities he’s looking for in the coach is leadership.

It sounds like a lot of Philadelphia’s key contributors could soon be on their way out. Names such as Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffery, potentially Brandon Graham, Malik Jackson, and several others could be available via trade in the next few offseasons. Lurie calls it a retooling, because he prefers to remain competitive.

I feel that it could also become a rebuild based on the fact he is hoping more mid-term and long-term decisions are made moving forward, due to the team’s increasing overall age. This hire may take awhile, but I do believe this could possibly become the best job available in the NFL, although Jacksonville and Los Angeles (Chargers) make great cases for the top job opportunity too.

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