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Obviously it’s almost impossible to predict the fate of the current 9th graders (class of 2023), but it’s always interesting to take a glance at their potential during an exciting High School season:

  1. Mikey Williams – Mikey is a 6’3 combo guard from San Diego. He is more than a raw athlete, and a dunker. He is a solid distributor, a good ball handler and a decent shooter. His mixtapes have gone crazy, but Mikey Williams is worth the hype. His high school coach has said he is the best freshman he has ever seen, and he said he has seen a lot of freshman through his years. One of the only knocks on Mikey Williams is the level of competition during the high school season. 
  2. Elijah Fisher – This Canadian phenom also has a lot of hype. Fisher has played varsity since seventh grade on a good team. Elijah is a wing who plays for Crestwood Prep. Fisher can out muscle opponents while he is also able to jump out of the gym. In his first game this season Fisher scored 44 points, while being guarded a high level athlete and a top 100 senior.
  3. Omaha Biliew – The most underrated prospect in this class, the 6’7″ athlete might just have the most potential in this class. Biliew has a crazy wingspan which he uses to his advantage evident by the fact that he is a good defender. He can play with the best of them and will continue to get better. He has already went head to head with Giannis’ brother. Biliew is very versatile and will be one of the most interesting prospects to watch.
  4. DJ Wagner Jr. – Wagner is the son of Dajuan Wagner, one of the most skilled freshman you will ever see. Wagner is not blessed with other wordly athleticism but he makes up with it in basketball IQ and skill. He is very mature for his age. He is a good shooter and he comes off screens well. Besides being a good shooter, he is a good passer and ball handler. Wagner is a combo guard who plays for Camden High School with Kentucky commit Lance Ware. 
  5. Matt Bewley – The more talented of the two Bewley twins, Matt comes in at number 5 because of his athleticism and skill. He is one of the best players on a good high school team. They beat Mayfair led by Josh Christopher and Dior Johnson, and more impressively they made a 20 point comeback. Bewley will have an intriguing future due to his blend of athleticism and skill.

To round off the top 20:

  1. Lebron James Jr. 
  2. Jayden Nicholson
  3. Ryan Bewley
  4. Kanaan Carlyle
  5. Nate Sasser
  6. Rayvon Griffith
  7. Christopher Locket
  8. Jaylen Curry
  9. Kwame Evans Jr.
  10. Aden Holloway
  11. Courtney Anderson Jr.
  12. Marquise Cook
  13. Jayden Forrest
  14. Rodney Gallagher
  15. Marvel Allen
Photo: Joe Robbins / Getty