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The New York Giants are on a roll. They’ve won 4 in a row for the first time in seemingly forever, and the team doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The defense has been absolutely phenomenal, and the offense has found a way to get things done, even without guys like Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones. After pulling off the biggest upset of the year so far against Seattle, the Giants are in the drivers’ seat in the NFC East and are looking like the favorites to win the division.

However, many fans (typically those of other NFC East teams) have said that the Giants should not win the division and that doing so will jeopardize their future as a team. I’m here to say that anybody making that claim is completely incorrect. Here’s why. 

Whether you agree with the notion of a “winning culture” or not, that’s what the Giants are out for. That is was Joe Judge is for. That is was GM Dave Gettleman set out to achieve when he was first hired. A lot of people will try to say that there is no winning culture with a team that’s 5-7. Leonard Williams and numerous others on the Giants have said otherwise.

Williams has said that with the Jets, players often drifted apart and became disinterested. Joe Judge has not and will not let that happen. And it’s been proven. This team was 1-7 going into Week 9 with less than a 5% chance to win the East. Now? They are 5-7 and looking like a team that could quite possibly make a run in the playoffs. If that isn’t a winning culture—a never give up culture- I don’t know what is.

Another argument people will try to make is in regards to the draft position. Now, it’s well-known that the Giants are not a complete team by any means. They could greatly benefit from another top 10 draft pick. But they don’t need a top 10 pick. Talent can be found anywhere in the first round, and anywhere in the draft for that matter. As of right now, the Giants would be picking around the 20 spots in the first round.

In the past 3 years, players that have been picked around that spot include Derwin James, Jaire Alexander, Leighton Vander Esch, Dexter Lawrence, Jeffery Simmons, and Justin Jefferson. Players picked even later in those drafts include Calvin Ridley and Patrick Queen. This fact alone paired with Dave Gettleman’s knack for finding talent in the draft shows that the Giants can make the playoffs and still add a key player to the team.

The bottom line is this: the Giants can make the playoffs. They SHOULD be trying to make the playoffs. If for some reason it doesn’t happen, so be it. But this team should not give up on that goal just for a “good” draft pick.

Photo: Adam Hunger/AP