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I’m going to outline a scenario to you, and subconsciously decide whether you would make that trade, or at least consider it.

You are a team, definitely above average but nothing special. Your roster is getting older and worse and the team isn’t quite good enough to make one last big playoff push. You have an amazing young quarterback but the team doesn’t have that much cap space and their quarterback will be requiring a new large contract in the future. Your quarterback is the only player holding this team together but he’s also the only one stopping the team from going into an all-out rebuild which may be only beneficial in the future.

A trade offer arises. You can have a quarterback, almost two years younger, who would be cheaper, and he’s pretty underrated too. He’s not as good as your current quarterback but he’s an extremely solid option and has a high upside. In addition to this, you can have one of the best young safeties in the game.

At this point, you may know who both the teams are, if not both, probably the second team. But at this point would you make the trade? Maybe even consider it?

And the deal was…

Deshaun Watson for Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams

Sounds crazy I know, but honestly, if you look at it from both perspectives it could theoretically make sense. From the Jets’ point of view, Jamal Adams is demanding a trade, and instead of just trading him for picks, they could get a massive upgrade at quarterback.

This will finally make them relevant again and would make them a contender for the playoffs immediately which is what the Jets need at this point in time, a team that can perennially compete for a playoff spot. From the Texans’ perspective, they downgrade a bit at quarterback but it’s a little bit cheaper for them and they have a chance to start from scratch. They have a chance to improve their overall roster, and perhaps be even better in the future. 


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