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This piece is 100% inspired by the work of, The Draft Network’s, Carter Donnick. He did an article for the site in October of this year, comparing Draft Prospects to Ice Cream flavors. It was a great read, and I highly recommend giving it a read. I am doing the same thing, but with different beverages. 

Jerry Jeudy, Alabama – Coca Cola

You can never go wrong with a Coke, and you could say the same thing about Jerry Jeudy. Coming out of college, Quenton Nelson was virtually bust proof, and I see Jerry Jeudy the same way. Coca Cola has been adored for over one hundred years, and I think Jerry Jeudy will be the centerpiece of a passing attack for many years. 

Justin Herbert, Oregon – Root Beer

Root Beer is easily the most polarizing drink out there from my experience. People either love it or hate it. I see root beer as a great drink… sometimes. Right now, I could really go for a root beer, but I know I won’t want another one for a few months. Herbert comes on strong, like root beer, but if you have too much, you’ll see how rough the drink is around the edges. Herbert has all the cream that you’d want in a root beer, but the spice may be too much to handle.

Chase Young, Ohio State – Water

Water is the most consumed beverage in the world. Not only as a drink, but it goes into most meals in some way. Ohio State without Chase Young is like chicken noodle soup without water. You can’t go wrong with Chase Young. 

Isaiah Simmons, Clemson – Tea

Clemson is located in South Carolina, and I know the south loves their sweet tea. Tea is not just appreciated down south. It is a very popular European drink as well, and Simmons’ skill set and athleticism can be appreciated worldwide. Simmons’ game is like a drink of the sweetest tea. You’re immediately overwhelmed by the flash, before eventually appreciating everything else that is great about the drink. Tea has so much versatility, as it can be appreciated warm or cooled. Simmons can do a lot on the football field. 

Eno Benjamin, Arizona St – Fanta

I used to love Fanta, particularly blue and red. As I have gotten older, It’s just too much sugar for me. The drink does too much, and it gets itself in trouble. The drink doesn’t have much help to be fair. Fanta isn’t a marquee company like Pepsi or Coca Cola and can’t always compete with the other brands. Arizona State has one of the worst lines in the nation, and I want to say that is a reason for Benjamin doing so much, but he is falling down my board. 

Joe Burrow, LSU – Mountain Dew

Without a doubt, my favorite soft drink, Mountain Dew fills all my wants in a drink–the sweetness mixed with a little bit of kick. Burrow is a very good player, and he gets it done on the football field. Based on his background, he clearly has some fire to his game and attitude towards the game, and I love it. I have never had a Mountain Dew blow up on me when opening, and Burrow, similarly, hasn’t once in his 2019 campaign let me down under pressure.

(P/C: Sports Illustrated)