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The trade season has started, and it has begun with a banger. While everyone thought the day was settled, and over, the Bucks struck gold with acquiring Jrue Holiday, and Bogdan Bogdanovic. Let’s break down this trade, and its pros and cons. 

Bucks received:

Jrue Holiday, Bogdan Bogdanovic

Pelicans Receive:

George Hill, Eric Bledsoe, Three First Round Picks, Two Swaps

Kings Receive:

Ersan Illyasova, Donte Divcenzo, DJ Wilson

Milwaukee’s *updated* Lineup
PG: Holiday

SG: Bogdanovic

SF: Middleton

PF: Giannis

C: Lopez

What did the Bucks gain:
The Bucks obviously recognized that perimeter defense, and shot creation was a problem last season. On paper, the Bucks had a good defense, but it didn’t show up against the Heat. Acquiring Jrue Holiday is acquiring the third star for the Bucks. He has a cheaper contract then CP3, but is still a good playmaker in his own right. He is also a solid scorer, averaging nearly 20 PPG, and is an All-NBA caliber defender. 

You also receive Bogdan Bogdanovic who is a great shot creator, who is averaging around 15 PPG. He will bring a much needed reliable 3rd/4th scoring option for the Bucks, which is something they lacked significantly in the playoffs especially with the Giannis injury. While Khris Middleton may need to step up more offensively, this Bogdan move allows some leeway for him to underperform offensively if it allows him to perform exquisitely defensively. 

What did the Bucks lose:
Donte Divencenzo was a solid bench piece. A solid two way player that will be missed by Bucks fans, and really has the potential to be a great player on the Kings. Bledsoe hasn’t proven himself in the playoffs, and the Bucks essentially got a better Bledsoe in the form of Jrue Holiday, but it is up to Bud and the coaching staff to utilise Jrue properly. Ersan is a replaceable stretch four, so they didn’t lose too much in that regard.

However, the picks concern me a little bit. It was really risky trading all those picks. Anthony Davis was traded for a similar amount, and Jrue Holiday is a borderline All Star player, but by no means an Anthony Davis caliber player. The main motive behind this trade was to keep Giannis happy, but if he leaves, the value of these picks exponentially rise, even if the Bucks keep Middleton, and Holiday. These picks are reportedly near future picks, and not long term picks, so the Bucks did manage to keep some input in regards to that draft. This trade was risky though, and if the Bucks can’t make it to the Finals with this roster, Giannis may be gone. 

What did NOLA, and Sacramento Receive:
The Pelicans received a haul of draft picks, and two veteran backcourt leaders. Hill, and Bledsoe will be useful for Lonzo, as he now has some veteran playmakers behind him, and the competition will support him, and his drive to improve. The picks add to the young core, and this also creates some more assets in the Pelicans team, as they can afford to trade a few of their young talent now, due to these picks. The Pelicans may or may not make the 8th seed this season, and this trade doesn’t exactly tremendously change their chances depending if Zion steps up huge or not. 

Sacramento acquired a young player in DJ Wilson, a Stretch four in Ilyasova, and a young player with potential in Donte Divencenzo. There is nothing amazing here, and with the Kings looking to trade Buddy Hield as well, I expect a pick to be involved, as the Kings are in a semi rebuild mode at the moment, as they await the return of Marvin Bagley, and hope that Fox, and Bagley can carry the Kings roster to a playoff contention spot. 

What’s Next:
The Bucks could look to sign Rondo to add some point guard bench depth. The Bucks right now solely need depth. They have a very good starting lineup that is filled with scoring, and high caliber defense. They are looking to form a team that has the defensive capabilities to stop the likes of the Heat, Raptors, Celtics, 76ers, and Nets (Provided they do manage to get Harden, even then this is a offensive minded Nets team.) 

Depth, depth, depth is what should be on the Bucks team. Hopefully for Bucks fans, they did enough to keep Giannis for the next few years, otherwise it will be quite hard for them to find that next star again. 

The Bucks gained star talent, and much needed shot creation in the likes of Bogdanovic, and Holiday. They did make some risky trades, but if it satisfies Giannis that is the most important part. Let’s see where this Eastern Conference takes us especially with the Nets trade news. 

Image: ClutchPoints