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This year’s incoming UNC recruiting football class could be a huge boost to this season and the ones to come. In part one of this breakdown, we’ll take a look at the offensive side of the class. 

Jacolby Crisswell – QB

Stars: Four

Four-star Jacolby Crisswell will add even more depth to the already stacked depth chart at the quarterback position. Crisswell is ranked 11th at his position for his class. Although, he will not have much playing time, if any, in the next couple seasons. However, the four-star QB will likely be the starting quarterback in a couple seasons from now. He will get to learn the position from an extremely talented Sam Howell. 

Josh Downs – WR

Stars: Four

Four-star wide receiver Josh Downs could prove to be yet another explosive option for Carolina’s future Hiesman candidate Sam Howell. He will likely be the fourth receiver in the depth chart for Carolina behind Newsome, Brown, and Corrales. At the receiver position, Carolina will also add three-stars’ Cedric Gray, Tylee Craft, Ray Rose, and Stephen Gosnell. 

Elijah Green and DJ Jones – RB

Stars: Three, respectively

The Tarheels will add two three-star running backs to back up Michael Carter and Javonte Williams. Elijah Green, ranked 53rd, and DJ Jones, ranked 55th , should prove to be strong forces in the backfield in future seasons. 

John Copenhaver, Kendall Karr, Jefferson Boaz, TE

Stars: Three, respectively

This class also has a trio of three-star tight ends: John Copenhaver, Kendall Karr, and Jefferson Boaz. Of them, Copenhaver will play the most time for Carolina.

Trey Zimmerman, Cayden Baker, Malik McGowan and Jonathan Adorno – OL

Stars: Three, respectively

On the line, the Heels will add tackles Trey Zimmerman and Cayden Baker, who are both three-stars. Three-star guards Malik McGowan and Jonathan Adorno will also be added to the list of lineman this season.